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pimples after stopping BCP

I stopped taking the pill a bit ago, and my face keeps breaking out. I miss that part of the pill! Does this get better once your body adjusts more or is this just a fact of life now? I stopped about 2 months ago.
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Re: pimples after stopping BCP

  • I stopped taking the pill back in May and just in the past few weeks my skin has cleared up. I had to change up my skincare routine since I was getting SO oily by early afternoon.


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  • I've been off BCP since October. My skin started getting very oily within a few months but no major acne until about April. It's pretty awful now. :(  My skin was pretty bad before BCP though.
  • I've been off BCP for a year now, and my skin still breaks out.  I've tried switching up skincare products, but nothing really seems to work great.  It's really frustrating - I had some breakouts while on the pill, but nothing like this.
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  • I stopped BCP in October and my face has not been the same. It has breakouts all the time and not just little ones. I think the BCP really helped my acne. I understand your frustration. I have been trying to wash my face twice a day and use different products, but haven't found anything that helps.

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  • My acne got worse when I stopped BCP, and I was never really able to find anything that helped.  I tried switching to a different face wash, and that helped a little bit, but the acne was still worse than when I was on BCP.
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  • I stopped in January and I am still pimply. It took me by surprise bc I had forgotten how bad the pimples were before BCP since I had been on them so long.
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  • I am with everyone else here. I stopped my BCP in October and have been having hideous breakouts ever since. I have tried using different products, Cleaners, acne treatments everything! And i haven't found anything that has helped at.all!
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  • I want to share in the misery...I went off BC 3 mos ago. The first month, nothing changed. I would break out from time to time while on BC...but nothing bad. Now, the only time I'm clear is while AF is in town, and the few days after she departs.

    It sucks, I'm thinking about going to the dermatologist and seeing if there is any topical prescription strength cream he can give me, my usual skin care routine doesn't cut it anymore.

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  • Yes, but it might take a few months before it stops.  I actually had to change my skin care products because BCP dried my skin out so badly that I was using something for dry skin.  Once I went off BCP, my skin was breaking out Jr High style - it was awful.  It got much better after I switched back to my old skin care products for combo skin. 
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  • I stopped BCP in May and my skin has been ridiculous since then. I've been faithful with a good skin care routine for the first time ever, and I have acne like high school. I hope it goes away soon. Crying
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  • I broke out like a 13 year old teenager for a good 8 long months after I stopped the pill. It was AWFUL. And it wasn't just ugly normal acne, I was also getting the cystic stuff (which I never had before). It's very normal to break out like crazy for awhile but it does eventually go away usually!

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  • The only thing that I have noticed since stopping BCP is that my skin is super oily by the afternoon. It happens more right before I O. I never had a major issue with acne prior to getting on the pill, but I do get the occasional zit right before AF. Hopefully your acne clears up within a few months. Would you consider visiting a dermatologist? They may be able to give you some kind of cream to help with that.
  • Yeah, I am getting cystic which I've never had before. I'm really bummed about it. My skin too was dry in bcp, but is really oily now. Boo :(
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