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NSA questions

So we're supposed to tell our NSA who we are in our last package on our before September 30th?

And also, has anyone else only received one thing? I'm not sure what has happened to my NSA as I have emailed her on elfster and also greylove but haven't received anything back. I'm kind of sad.

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Re: NSA questions

  • All I can say is I'm sorry about your NSA...what a major bummer.

    and I want to know those questions too. 

  • Same with me...just one thing. Sorry you're stuck with it, too. 

    In the last NSA round, I just got a card w/ stickers and never heard from her again.  Still don't know who she was.  It's really frustrating.  I didn't wanna participate in this round unless we were stricter about who could join.  From what I understand, the rules were stricter, but apparently it didn't matter.  I know what it's like to have a tight budget and to not be able to send much, but a card or a letter would be wonderful.  Even a message on the board!  SOMETHING!  [/rant]

    ETA:  Oh, and, yes, I believe you're right about the Sept. 30th thing. =)
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  • i've only recieved one package as well
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  • Well, then I guess a few of us are in the same position. Hopefully the ladies we all had were happy!
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  • I am so sorry!  I sent an email to your NSA but forgot to send a reply email to you.  You should have one now.
  • So sorry ladies that you are having these problems. 

    Is everyone sending a big pacakge now and then doing their reveal?  I was maybe going to do a small pacakge this week and then a bigger one at the end of the month.  I like to stretch out the suspense!  Lol


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  • Ugh - this is frustrating to hear!  My NSA rocks and it sucks that people are not having the same experience.  I would be calling out those ppl - b/c unless they have a good reason its really shitty to join and then not follow through.

     Lilou - I'm doing the same - smaller package/card this/next week and a big one at the end of the month.

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