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Android vs. iPod/iPhone vs. Sometime Else

My 2nd generation iPod Touch just isn't cutting it anymore and I want to upgrade.  I don't intend to get a data plan, but am considering spending more for a real phone over just a wifi device.  Ideally I would get a SmartPhone with voice service only, but I don't think Verizon will let me do that, and I don't want to switch carriers.

The primary things I currently use my iPod Touch for are:

- email and internet, which I'm mostly happy with, but it does kind of bug me that I'm always turning JavaScript on and off for TheNest vs other sites, and I don't like the lack of the newest version of Flash.

- Audiobooks from Audible (purchased) and Overdrive (public library).  I'm happy with playing them when I sync them to the regular player through my computer, but on Android it looks like I will have to use an app.  My experience listening to audiobooks through apps on the iPod Touch has been very bad and I listen to a lot of audiobooks.  So it's vital to me that it's a good audiobook experience.  Anyone have experience with these apps?  

- Alarm clock, which I am mostly happy with, but wish it could automatically start playing stuff from my audio library or stream NPR... without having a 3rd party app running, which always scares me that I'll accidentally switch off of it before morning.

- Calendar/dayplanner (happy with iPod + 3rd party apps)

- Podcasts (happy with iPod)

- Streaming Netflix (happy with iPod)

- Streaming NPR (happy with iPod, but wish it could be triggered w/ native alarm) 

- Typing text documents (happy with iPod, I've gotten really fast at typing on it, with the help of autocorrect) 

- General User Interface (love, love, love)

I would also like: 

- Decent office apps (Word, Excel) and DropBox (remote storage/syncing/backup), I'm very unhappy with the iPod offerings for this.  And the silo-ed data storage for each app makes it very hard to get done what I need

- Take photos and upload them to the internet (because I don't always have my camera with me)

- GPS 

- Make video calls on Skype over wifi 

Other considerations: 

- I'm a sucker for Freecell, but otherwise have no interest in playing games on it. 

- I travel at least 4 days/week for work (sometimes gone multiple weeks in a row) and don't like to bring my personal computer with me, so good stand alone functionality is a big plus.  Always needing to wait until the weekends to sync to iTunes to get new books, etc is kind of annoying.

- It must fit in my little tiny dress pants pocket.

Given all that, what would you recommend that I buy? 

Re: Android vs. iPod/iPhone vs. Sometime Else

  • You can't get voice only with Verizon or AT&T. I'm not sure what other options you have to choose from other than a WiFi only device.
  • If you liked your iPod Touch and the apps you have, I'd suggest getting the iPhone. For all the things you were doing and would like to do in the future, I think an iPhone is your best bet. I love my iPhone and won't switch, ever!

    PP is correct - you can't get a voice only plan with Verizon or AT&T for that matter.

    You might also consider getting a newer iPod Touch or an iPad 2 for the additional things you'd like to do, and get a voice-only non-smartphone plan with Verizon.  But, I love being able to do all of those things from one device, or using my phone in non-WiFi areas where an iPod/iPad without 3G wouldn't work.  GL!


    [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
  • As PPs have said you can't get a voice-only plan with Verizon or AT&T, and as far as I know, not with Sprint either (I'm currently with Sprint). 

     I'll also second that if you already are a huge fan of the Apple Store apps, I would go with the iPhone, even though I'm Android fan.  

  • The US phone companies won't sell you a smartphone without a data plan? Sheesh. I swear they are the least consumer-friendly companies on the planet!

    Editorializing aside...

    You won't find a lot of people who've used both (outside of tech reviewers or true gadget addicts), and I've only used an Android phone intermittently and on a beta version of the OS, but I didn't love it. As PPs said, you're already familiar with the Apple apps, so the iPhone would probably make more sense.

    Regarding the data plan, I wouldn't count it out completely. I have an old iPhone (unlocked by our local carrier - so nice) that I use with only a prepaid voice plan. When I got the iPad2 I signed up for a local data plan, and it turns out I love it. It changes the way you do things, and I find that I use it more and more. I often wish that my iPhone had a data plan so that I didn't have to break out the iPad whenever I needed a data connection.

    And if you can hold off for a month or two, the rumors are really starting to solidify around a fall release for the iPhone5. A while back there was some chatter that they might also release an unlocked iPhone4 without a plan, so if you really want to avoid the data plan, and that pans out... But I haven't heard much about it lately, so I'm rather skeptical.

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