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Here are some student and E sayings to make you laugh!


2nd grader to teacher:  "Mrs. J is having a baby!"

Teacher: "Did she tell you that?"

2nd grader:  "No, but have you SEEN her tummy??"


3rd grader #1:  "Mrs. J, are you having a baby?"

Me: "Yes."

3rd grader #2:  "I knew it!  You used to be skinny and now you're not!"


E:  "When I fart at Jennifer's (daycare) I have to say excuse me.  When I fart at home, you just laugh!"


E:  "Mom, I pooped today.  It was really big, but it wasn't funny."   

Re: kidisms

  • We were at DH's softball game a few weeks ago, and someone there had a little puppy. The woman was telling A that it was a baby puppy, etc.

    A turns to her and says, "Did it come from your tummy?"


    I grabbed a soda from the fridge the other day, and she looked at me with this really irritated face, and said, "Mom, how many times do I need to tell you to quit drinking soda?"


    We had a BBQ for DS's birthday, and when I was tucking her in bed that night, she let out this huge toot. She said, "Sorry, I must have had way too many of those brown beans".

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  • DH has taught H that toots are barking spiders. So one morning H after tooting said barking spiders. Then about an hour later he let it rip machine gun style and said mom those darn barking spiders are back and they want out bad. It was HILARIOUS!!
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  • H used his wet finger to wipe off some crumbs or something off Jack's face the other day and Jack said, "Dad, I don't WIKE you when you SPIT on me!"

    Yesterday, H took Jack to the zoo, so when they got home, I asked Jack how the Skyfari was.

    He said, "Well, dat Skyfari was DANK!"  I said, "It was WHAT?"  

    "Dank, Mom!  It was dank!"  

    WTF?!  This is not a term, contrary to what you might believe, we use (ever) around here.  You probably had to be there, but holy crap, it was the funniest thing he's ever said.

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