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Doggie Parents need advise!

Simon has some sleeping issues. He goes to bed with us around 10 and sleeps until 4 and then is up for about an hour and a half and then comes back to sleep with me. He is 9 months old. I'm not really sure what to do to get him to sleep longer. He has anxiety issues and if he can't see us he won't sleep at all at night so he just sleeps with us. Any tips or advise would be gratefully appreicated.

Oh and some times he does sleep longer until like 6 or so but its not very often. 

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Re: Doggie Parents need advise!

  • Bring him to the park in the evening and wear him out.  I really wouldn't worry about it though b/c dogs sleep throughout the day-- well, mine does at least-- so STTN isn't something I pay attention to.

    ETA: After reading the other responses, maybe I've misinterpreted your question.  If you're having to get up to let him out to pee, take up his water a few hours before bedtime.

    I don't want to be on MSNBC, yo.
  • I found out that If I put Bentley's crate in the room, he'll sleep in there (with the door open) and sleep until I get him up to take him out before I got to work, but if I just let him sleep on his bed/floor, he gets up a lot throughout the night and moves.

    Do you crate him?


  • Do you let him out when he wakes up?  If it's an issue of needing to go out, I would pull his food and water but like 7 or 8, and make sure he pees before bed.

    Maybe you need to just get him more tired during the day.  How does he spend most of the day?  If it's in a crate or just in the house for the most part, then I would try and get him running/walking more.  Take him on an extra walk or run a day, or to a dog park.  He might just need to be more worn out during the day.  

    My friend has a beagle that is a year and a half old, and she spends anywhere up to 9 hours in her crate a day when she works and her H is deployed.  The dog has crazy amounts of pent up energy, and so when my friend gets home she is wild for hours at night.  I'm dogsitting her right now for the week with our dog, and she is like a completely different dog because I work from home and she is out of the crate most of the day.  She is mellow, and taking naps during the day, and was even curled up sleeping in my dog's bed by 9 last night.   

    If the anxiety is really bad, you might want to try this thing out.  I haven't used it, but a friend of mine does and swears by it for her dog.  I'm pretty sure I'm getting my parents one for their dog for Christmas. 

    image BabyFruit Ticker
  • Does he just have to go to the bathroom or is he waking up because he has energy and is done sleeping?  If it is bathroom stuff, just regulate when he gets water at night.  Try cutting him back to certain times. 

    If it I have a super hyperactive dog.  She won't sleep through the night unless I walk her at least three times a day.  Plus she plays fetch and stuff too throughout the evening while I'm home.  I agree with the previous poster, wear him out right before you go to bed.  Either take him on a walk or try running him around outside with toys or something. 

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