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Which flea meds do you use for your cats?

I've been really bad about applying flea meds to our cats. I've used Frontline+, and Revolution, and I think maybe Advantage, too in the past. But each of our vets has recommended something different. So, what do you recommend? Did your vet recommend it?

Our cats are indoor only, and one has a very bad reaction to flea bites. Also, have you found a reliable, cheap place to buy the meds from?

Thank you!

Re: Which flea meds do you use for your cats?

  • I have used Revolution. Our vet recommended it and gave us a free 3 month sample when we got Roxy (2 years ago). We have had it for her ever since. It is more expensive than Frontline and Advantage but it protects against more than fleas so I figured it was worth it. She is an inside call too but I would rather be safe than sorry.

    Never was able to find a "cheap" place. not sure they exist. flea meds are expensive

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  • I used the one you put on their food (advantage?) rather than the one you put on their body.  Vet recommended it but that's been forever ago now.
  • um..frontline?

    But really - the most effective thing I've found is the bath. Drown the *** off your cat. And then wash and vacuum *everything* and try to designate where they'll sleep. We have these "magnetic" cat pads that ours love:

    good luck!

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  • We use salt.

    We started doing this about two years ago and have been very happy with the results. We salt the cats if we think they have fleas (they don't though, which is the beauty of controlling it) and we salt the carpet and furniture. Vacuum up the next day. 

    It's been really easy and we haven't seen a flea in ages!

  • We use Advantage (or is it Advantix? I can't remember). Our kitty is sensitive too and he has no problem with it. One of the major brands, Frontline maybe? doesn't prevent heartworms.

    Whatever you do, avoid BioSpot at all costs. It's cheap sh!t and it burned the fur right off two of my kitties and didn't work to boot.

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  • Usually it's whatever my MIL can get from work at a discount since she works for a vet. I think right now we're using Advantage and Advantix (I think) for our dog. Since we've been in our new house, we haven't had any fleas yet and our cats are 100% indoor. Fleas can travel on your shoes and clothes without you even knowing.
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  • We use Vectra. It works so much better then the others. Vet recommened.
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  • We use advantage which works well since they are indoor only. I usually buy it online when petco or another pet place is having a good sale.
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