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Feel bad for DH, he isn't getting any sugar.

I feel so bad for my DH. If the slight chance of losing his job isn't bad enough, he's also had to put up with not getting It's been soo long since we had....uuum marital relations. Two weeks prior to surgery no action. Now it's been about 4 weeks since surgery and he still ain't getting any. I've been allowed to resume them, but I'm not on any form of BC. I don't have my appt with my obgyn for BC till May 13, so till then he is $hit out of luck. There is NOOOOOO way I am risking getting pregnant this early out. He's just going to have to take one for the team and either go solo or not go at all. lmao I do feel bad for him though, but I'm sure come May 13 I'll have a nice "romantic" night planned. Just wanted to share. Any ideas to make the night uum special. Cool

Re: Feel bad for DH, he isn't getting any sugar.

  • sweetie, you don't have to have intercourse to have fun! There's PLENTY of things to satisfy the sweet tooth...He can have his sugar and you won't get knocked'll be the best of both worlds.


  • lol johanna,peter hasn't gotten any in like 6 weeks either.  i just haven't been in the mood AT ALL.  like i'd rather sleep lol.  i guess once you two finally have "marital relations" again, he'll be so ecstatic, he'll think it's the best ever!
  • Sometime when I'm not in the mood we celebrate Steak and BJ day .. without the steak ... lol !!!

    Hope you feel better soon ...

  • you should try the pull out scout method!!! :)
  • Pull & pray worked for us, until we didn't want it to.  There are also, dare I say, condoms.....GL!

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  • If you have two (or one!!) working hand (s) and a mouth, you have nothing to worry about.  Have fun!
  • I like Yvette's idea, we call it a "Thai Massage", lol
  • I think that at this point, using a condom would be worth it... Or like others suggested, there are many other, ahem, activities that you can do that would be satisfying for the both of you. Good luck!

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  • Ditto what the girls said - its time to get creative! Have fun! No need for you both to miss out on bedroom fun.
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  • oh sweetie...

    believe me, i know what that's like. my dh has a much lower-runnin motor than i do, if KWIM.

    there are alot of things you can do to spice it up without risking pg. take the time foreplay or just cuddle up and watch an old movie!!!


  • I LOOOOVE all your responses. Very good suggestions might take a few suggestions here and there. wink wink. but now there is only one thing between me and any lovin. Freakin AF. I know tmi sorry but I'm just not in a lovin mood when she comes and visits.

     I think I will kill him a little more with anticipation, then plan a hot weekend. I feel especially bad because for his birthday I was only a few days out of surgery and we didn't go or do anything. I need to make it up to him two fold now. lol oh and I like the steak and bj night....without the steak. lmao

    oh you girls are it's ok me too. We all have our inner hookers, but is just being put on a leach for the time being.

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