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Happy Tuesday!

I know our board has been a little slow, I've been really busy and I'm assuming everyone else too.  Let's get it going again!!! What's the best thing that's happen this week/the worst thing and what are you looking forward to for the weekend?

The best thing so far is I'm seeing a friend tonight from out of town.  The worst is that the men at my work are in pissy moods.  I'm looking foward to sleep!

Re: Happy Tuesday!

  • Oooo hooray for more board action! The only plus to not posting is the mental health break from Mrs.Streff :0)

     Best part of the weekend - Being off after having to come back to work this week. I'm already tired and its only Tuesday!

    Worst part- The hurricane thats coming this weekend. Maybe we should move to Alaska so we dont have to deal with hurricanes!

  • Oh, you guys should TOTALLY move to Alaska!  We need more people like you guys up here - you know, not rude, overly self-important, hateful souls.  I must apologize to all the rest of the girls on here for the actions of my fellow Alaskan, Mrs. Streff.  It embarasses me that she would represent our state in the way that she did. 

    Mrs. Streff - How come I'm not seeing a bunch of action from you and all your Alaskan friends?  Oh, that's right - cause no one used this board in the first place.  Perhaps if you had injected yourself into the threads we had you would have realized that there were some amazing girls chatting on here.  Instead you decided to act like a bitter hag, like this is your board and no one else's.  Too bad for you, cause you are the one missing out.  The only reason I could see you acting the way you do is that you must have a very sad life.  I'm sorry for that, but please don't take it out on everyone. 

    And, Mercury in Retorgrade ends on Friday, perhaps then you can drop all the senseless anger you have. 

    Photobucket Photobucket Anniversary
  • You know Jen, Matt and I watch several of the Alaska shows, Gold Rush and Flying Wild Alaska and it really looks beautiful up there {well maybe not in the dead of winter ;) }  I would love to visit. Sounds like a few of us would!  And don't worry I think most of us realize Mrs Streff isn't your typical Alaskan!  Everyone else seems friendly and inviting!
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