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Comment post! Wee bit long.....

Hey ladies! I wasn't on all day yesterday after the morning, and again I missed out on some great threads! So here I'd like to comment so my replies don't get missed since I'm late like always:

Books - I know I've told you guys before about what I'm reading (part of a trilogy) but it all started with this book Assassin's Apprentice, which is the first book of the first trilogy. I would have never ever imagined myself reading fantasy, but my old book club picked this one and I've been obsessed with the author ever since. It's kind of fantasy-lite: As a royal bastard in the household of King Shrewd, a boy called "Fitz" spends his early years in the king's stables. When the magic in his blood marks him for destiny, he begins receiving secret instruction, by order of the king, in the art of assassination, a calling that places him in the midst of a nest of intrigue and arcane maneuverings. Firmly grounded in the trappings of high fantasy, Hobb's first novel features a protagonist whose coming of age revolves around the discovery of the meaning of loyalty and trust. This gracefully written fantasy belongs in most libraries.


Smack me too -  I can totally relate to all the weight woes. Finally braved the scale this weekend and I'm at 158 Christmas, I was 163-165ish and for the wedding I was down to 150 and a size 6. I'm back to an 8. DH is now back on a healthy kick and I've yet to join him. I didn't feel terrible when I went to the beach this weekend, but I definitely felt nothing like I did in FL/Jamaica. :( And I had to run to catch the train on Friday, and man, I felt pathetic. I could barely do it. I'm with you all on whatever I need to do to get back. I really liked Accountability, I felt so in control and aware. 


Rollercoaster of a day -  Wow, yesterday was intense. First, my wonderful new assistant told me that she has accepted a different job. I am so bummed. She was doing a wonderful job, was a tremendous help and was exactly what I needed. Now I have to go through the entire hiring process from square one, which is a big setback. Also, in continuance from last week, I had yet more reason to suspect that despite AF's brief and irregular visit, there might be a baby PG, so much that I told DH and we took a test. That was rollercoaster-ish! Thank god those things come with two because the first one didn't work or I did it wrong (though it's quite simple lol), but the second one said no. DH and I were relieved but we talked later in the night and we both confessed that a little part of us wanted it to say yes. Anyways, we came to the conclusion that we want to start readying ourselves to start TTC in about a year. So, another reason why I need to get back into shape and healthy eating. Also, we love our current apartment but it's only one bedroom, and things don't open up often in our little town which is where we really really want to stay, so I am going to start being on the lookout for 2 bedroom apartments so we can find one that is just as awesome, whenever something becomes available (we have a monthly lease now).


Re: Comment post! Wee bit long.....

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