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Help, help, help!!!

Last night I was getting Boo a treat from the Scooby Snack box and I noticed all these brown bugs in the box.  I was disgusted but concerned so I called Eddie over and I guess we have weevils!!  I had to clean out the entire pantry and throw away so much food it was ridiculous. 

Does anyone know of any way to make sure these bugs don't come back?  I threw away all the boxes that had weevils and put the open bags and boxes of grainy foods in air tight containers or ziploc bags.  I cleaned the walls, floor and shelves of the pantry but now I'm paranoid.

Anyone else have to deal with these nasty little food stealers??

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Re: Help, help, help!!!

  • Let me guess, you shop at the Winn Dixie near the hospital??

    you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Unfortunately you must have bought a box of rice or flour based food that had them. Quite possibly it was Boo's scooby snacks.

    One thing I do is immediately transfer all rice, flour, sugar etc. from the original packaging into airtight canisters, this gives me a chance to check it out as soon as I get it home. Another frequent culprit is foods that are not widely popular and may have sat in a warehouse or on the shelves for a long time before you bought it.

    In other words do not buy Near East Tabbouleh in Marrero, where you might discover you are one of only two people who would buy it.

    Also, I only by things like Tabbouleh or a packaged rice mix if I will use it within a month or two. 


    sorry you had to deal with those gross little critters.

  • You did everything right. Generally they come from the Grocery Store so its a matter of making sure you don't let them in. Transfering flour and rice (and similar products) to airtight containers right when you get them is a great way to know if you've got them early. They are so gross! Sorry you had to deal with that! It happens to everyone.
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  • Or - the Walmart on Behrman? A friend of ours made a big thing of lasagne last night, homemade sauce and all. He was putting the last noodles in, and noticed the weevils. Ugh! (We were invited over for dinner at their house. They ended up ordering pizza instead.)


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  • If you ever get flour or rice you think is suspect (or even if you don't) stick it in the freezer for about two weeks before you use it.  Often, the littler buggers' eggs could be in your food without you knowing it, and the cold of the freezer is supposed to kill them off.  At least that's what Heloise says. Big Smile
  • Thanks everyone!  And YES, two weeks ago I did go to the Winn Dixie by the hospital.  Ugh!!  I don't remember what I bought that went in the pantry that could have brought in the nasty little critters, but oh well.  I will definitely go to BB&B for more airtight containers since I read that ziploc bags are not the best for keeping them out.

    I also read that freezing DOES help so from now on I will put flour and sugar in the freezer for a couple days after I buy it if I won't use it right away.  I am just so disgusted that I had to throw so much stuff away, oh well lesson shopping at Winn Dixie by WJ Hospital and put everything grainy in airtight containers.   

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  • For the most part I do OK there it is really convenient but After complaining about the Tabbouleh twice the managers comment was oh so your the ONE who buys it. Ick!

    I am oddly excited about the new Labories though! odd because i won't shop at the old one... ick!

  • Oh those things are a pain in the butt to get rid of!!!  I really think when my husband bought our house they came with the house.  Because of these wonderful creaters we do not have rice, noodles or bread in the house!  If I need rice for anything I will go to mom's for some.  But so far the airtight containers have been doing the trick.  Good luck!
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