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So upset!!

I have to vent for a moment b/c I'm very shaken up/upset about an incident that occured today and I need some suggestions on how to handle the situation. I was walking my dog this evening and decided to take a new route. I was almost home when I passed a house with two dogs in the yard. They came running out and starting attacking my dog. Poor Charlie was yelping, and I was screaming at them to stop and to go away. The female owner knocked on the window and the dogs backed off. The male owner then came outside and starting chastising the dogs. I noticed that Charlie had a bite mark on his leg. I called out to the guy and let him know that his dogs bit my dog. He just kind of shrugged. I yelled at him that his dogs shouldnt be allowed to just roam free. He told me he had an electric fence so he wasn't sure how they got out of the yard. I then yelled back that apparently his fence wasn't working, as his dogs bit my dog. He just looked at me again. I was so shaken up and scared that I just walked off. I called DH (who was at the Hornets game) to tell him what happened. He told me to take the dog to the vet. The vet got really angry and told me to call and file a charge with Animal Control. I also got a bill for $100 from the vet (exam and antibiotics). So my question is, how do I go about asking the owners to pay for the vet bil? I also  need to find out if their dogs are up to date on vaccinations. The Animal Control people are going to go to their house tomorrow to give them a warning. Any suggestions? Thanks (and sorry for the long post!).
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Re: So upset!!

  • I accidentally wandered onto the wrong regional board (I belong over in DE :) ). But I had to respond to your post as I have been through this.

    You have every right to demand that these people to pay your vet bills. My dog was attacked by a neighbors dog. They had initially refused to pay the vet bills but we threatened to take them to small claims court. If you end up going to SC court, it's pretty simple and you will get your court fees back as well if you win. (and I'd bet anything you'd win)

    I would mail your neighbors a certified letter calmly explaining that you expect them to pay this bill. Let them know that they have two weeks from the receipt of the letter to respond to your request. If you do not hear from them w/in the two weeks, inform them that you will take them to SC court.?Try not to be emotional in your letter. You'll want to keep a copy of it for court. The judge probably won't appreciate reading a long sob story in the letter.?

    ?Good luck and I'm so sorry this happened to you and Charlie!?It is a really scary thing.

  • Wow, I am so sorry!  I can't believe that the guy just shrugged it off.  I wonder if he would react the same way if another dog had bitten HIS dog. 

    I completely agree with pp.  GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!

  • OMG, I'm so sorry you had that happen.  I would feel the same way you do if that had happended to Boo.  The previous poster gave great advice. A certfied letter is a good idea especially since you can prove that they received it even if they say they didn't receive it.

    As far as animal control, they should take the dog that bit Charlie away and keep him for tests and observation.  My IL's had four pit bulls and one of the dogs jumped the fence at their house and mauled a goat in the neighbors yard.  Now, I know this is very different, but animal control took that dog away for tests and observation.  Any dog that is aggressive and bites another needs to be tested for diseases and other issues to make sure nothing was spread. 

    Stay strong and keep on these people.  It is a scary feeling knowing that aggressive dogs live nearby.  Give Charlie a treat for me!!!  Poor thing!

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  • This is also covered under homeowners insurance, if there is anyway you can find out who they have. They can't prevent you from doing so.

  • Thanks for the great advice! Charlie seems to be doing well. He got spoiled rotten last night once we got home!
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  • I am still shocked that things like this happen. I mean if I was that guy I would have been mortified!!

    I'm sorry it happened to you and Charlie.  

  • Awww, I'm so sorry! I can't believe it. Definitely mail them a letter, I agree totally with the 1st posters suggestion. Also, make sure Animal Control actually goes out there!
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  • That is just awful!!!!   I would be so upset, but you handled the situation better than I would have.  I would have called animal control right then and there.  But the above poster is correct they should be held resposible for their dogs actions.  Make sure you take pictures of the bite for your records and if you have to take them to court you will have proof.

     We have a boxer too and he is my baby.  Iam so sorry this happened to you and I hope they do the right thing.

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