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Good Morning

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty low key.  Saturday DH was in a charity softball tournament so I went and helped out at that.  By the time we got home I had the worst migraine ever and was stuck in bed for the rest of the night. Sunday was a good day, ordered some pictures online, fixed the ceiling in the kitchen, ran some errands.

 How was your weekend?

Re: Good Morning

  • Good morning, ladies! I had a great weekend at the beach. My sister, nieces and I went down on Friday night, and on Saturday we were at the beach from morning til mid-afternoon. My niece and I played mini-gold on Saturday evening, and it was so much fun! My BIL and my husband both drove down on Sunday morning to join us, and yesterday we had another fun beach day. I got a nice tan even with my 30 and 50 SPF sunscreens. It was sooo nice to be back by the ocean again! It really does wonders for my skin and hair. It was a very nice impromptu weekend getaway!!!

    Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

  • Morning ladies! I had a pretty nice weekend. We were up in DC visiting the in-laws, and they always cook sooo much food! Saturday was not a good day for me, so I spent almost the whole day in my pajamas. Yesterday I felt a little better, so we grabbed lunch with my MIL and then walked around Georgetown for about an hour. When we got home last night we just had some fast food for dinner and watched our Sunday night HBO shows :0)

    This week I only work today and tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that! Especially considering the boys are in camp from 9am to 3pm, so I really only work 4 hours each day.  But I start the big girl world in a few weeks so, I need to embrace the down time!

    Hope you ladies have a great day!

  • Good morning everyone!

    We had an awesome weekend. I did my first newborn shoot (which was also my first shoot with my new camera) and I'm very pleased with how it turned out :)

    Sunday we did Go Ape which was awesome! It was a really fun obstacle course and zipline course. Too cool. I'm really excited for ziplining in Hawaii now that I know how fun it is!

    And then of course the great house news! Once we signed the paperwork, scanned it and sent it over we took a field trip to the house :P We drove by it verrry slowly (the people across the street were out on our porch and looked at us like we were crazy!) and then we got dinner at a local restaurant. We then went back to the house and drove by it a little faster (the people were still outside!). I can't wait until it's home :) 

  • Morning ladies! This weekend was very low key for us. Saturday my parents and sister came up and we all went tubing down the river next to our house and they hung out for most of the day, then Sat night DH and I grilled out and had a bonfire in the yard and relaxed at home. Yesterday we went golfing in the morning then went tubing again with the two of us in the afternoon. I made beef stew in the crockpot and we had his parents over for dinner. 

    I was feeling very domestic over the weekend and ended up making a few things to freeze for meals when I don't feel like cooking. I made pesto with basil we got at the farmers market, made whole wheat banana muffins for breakfasts, and made chili and extras of the beef stew for freezer meals. And I finally took the vinegar advice and scrubbed down the glass doors to the shower and it looks awesome!! I was so excited!

    We also got two teasers from our photog and he emailed me and said we would have our album up online by Friday!! I CAN NOT WAIT! the two so far are gorgeous! 

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  • Glad everyone had a great weekend! 

    Amanda - I had a migraine at the end of last week for 2 1/2 days.  No fun!

    Laura - the ocean air does wonders for my skin as well.   Sounds like a fund weekend at the beach!

    The beginning of my weekend started with a yucky migraine.  I was feeling somewhat ok on Saturday so we headed to M&T Bank stadium and watched the Raven's open practice.  It was so much fun.  My headache came back a little while we were sitting there but I think it was because I was a little overheated.  I had to work Saturday night (boo).  Sunday we just relaxed and went over my moms for dinner. 

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  • Morning ladies!  Our weekend was pretty low-key as well.  We ran to the mall on Saturday.  Considering it was tax free weekend it wasn't too busy.  I was looking for shoes but didn't manage to find any.  Then we went to Target and of course they had an adorable pair of shoes on clearance in my size!  Score.  So I bought them.  I'm not gonna lie they are kind of high and are a little hard to walk in.  I decided to wear them to work today.

     Yesterday we ended up spending some time cleaning the house.  I made Matt throw out some old clothes and shoes and I did the same.  We made a trip to goodwill to drop off everything and then we had a Charlie Sheen marathan.  We watched a couple of his older movies that were on. Fun stuff.  

  • Morning girls! I feel like we spent the entire weekend at the movies. We went to see Planet of the Apes, Change Up and Horrible Bosses. All were pretty good. I also cleaned a bit while DH was helping some folks move furniture and we went for drinks after. Our son is at his grandparents for 2 weeks so we get some alone time before the madness that is school starts on Aug. 22. Hope to get some nice dinners out and relax for a bit while we can :)
  • Morning! The weekend was kind of a bummer. It rained all day yesterday so we couldn't do much. We went to the movies and saw Horrible Bosses. Super funny! Then DH made meatballs from Ground bison and pork. They were delish! Work all day today. Hope you ladies have a great day :)
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  • I think it's funny that horrible bosses has been out for a while and then all of a sudden three of us saw it this week/weekend! Ha!

    On friday I looked up a bunch of new recipes.  I made this bomb homemade pizza, which DH said was the best pizza he's ever had, then went out with DH and our friends.  I drank a good amount and it lead to a fabulous night :)  Sat, I went shopping for all the stuff I needed for the new recipes. Forgot to thaw the salmon, so I made the pizza again, haha. Then yesterday, I ran errands, cooked Guinness Stew for my family, cleaned the house, and took my sister to the mall to buy new bras for the school year.  It's just ridic when she's the same size as you and she's supposed to still be your little sis :( I think this year will be even worst for me being a b!tch to the guys that want to get at her.  Good thing that when she starts dating, I have DH to back me and be crazy with, ha!

  • Good morning beautiful ladies! I'm so happy to be back in the loop this week. My weekend was crazy busy. I flew back in very early Saturday morning. I almost missed my connecting flight in PHX because the plane couldn't get into its gate to let us off and the gates I got off and needed to getr to were on opposite sides of the terminal. I dashed through the airport like a mad woman though! I was so ready to get home! Matt got up early and picked me up at the airport. He didn't want me on public transit alone at 5 am since there's been some robberies again. We then went to my mom's and all went out to breakfast. We spent the rest of the weekend getting a lot of her stuff moved. We just need to get her really big items like her sofa out of storage. But we were all so exhausted that we're waiting till Wed. She loves the little house which is great!We still have no furniture sadly. I'm going to call Macys today and see what is going on. awe really wanted to have a house warming party before I go back to work and we're quickly running out of weekends. Hope everyone has a nice Monday!
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