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Good thoughts for Bella :(

Bella has been limping for about a month now but on and off so I have been giving her anti inflammatory meds and glucose supplements. She also started breathing off Sunday night, unrelated to the limping. I made a vet appointment for this afternoon but yesterday morning I was leaving for work and heard her jump off our bed and start yelping really loud.

Long story short they kept her overnight and did xrays and a sonogram this morning. She has ruptured both of her ACL's, has arthritic changes in her hips (read: hip dysplasia), and there is a blockage in her intestines. Really, so much wrong in such a little package. The vet said the ACL and HD were already starting, she just must have landed perfectly to really "sh*t it all up" as my vet said haha.

They're doing exploratory surgery now on the blockage and then she will need one ACL surgery at a time. Right now the worst one is too inflamed to do any surgery so we'll bring her home and crate rest her for a few weeks. She also can't go on walks or chase the big dogs and play dead at the dog park. I feel so bad, she lives for her dog park days but we're trying to save her hips as much as we can.

The vet said for a 3yr old he's never seen so much arthritis in a dog with the life expectancy she has so he's almost certain she'll also need surgery on her hips. It makes me so nervous, there's 4 surgeries right there and french bulldogs don't generally do well with being put totally under with their breathing problems.

So, sorry it's so long, but some good thoughts for Bella would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Good thoughts for Bella :(

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