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Need some help- re Izzy & moving and litter box issues

salasala member

Well the honeymoon is finally over 2 years later.  Izzy has always been a very easy, resilant cat aside from being extremely sick after we first adopted her.  Never had any real problems, always seemed to adapt to new or unusal situations etc.  In other words her normal nutty self.  We moved 2 weeks ago into a new home, and got a brand new sectional sofa on Thursday.  She once again has seemed to adapt fine and has (after the first couple of days) appeared very comfortable and happy in the new surroundings.

Well this morning out of the blue she poops on the living room rug and then I notice she has peeed between the cushions of the new couch!!!!  She has never, never had litter box issues before, even when I've been a bad mom and forgotten to scoop as regularly as I should.  My husband is out and going to pick up some enzymatic cleaner, but what are other things I should do to hopefully ensure this doesn't happen again.

I apologize for asking, as I know it's been asked a million plus times before, however I never really paid attention since my girls didn't seem to have problems. (and I just assumed they'd be model cats forever Embarrassed  hahaha)

Re: Need some help- re Izzy & moving and litter box issues

  • KaieneKaiene member
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    Do you have Feliways? If not, you might want some - both the diffuser and the spary. You could also try Cat Attract. Have you thought about a vet visit just to rule out a UTI?
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  • I'd have a vet check her out just to be safe, but it could be stress. Napoleon has bathroom issues when he is upset.
  • I'm a lurker, but have had more than my share of potty issues with one of my cats.  The move may have stressed her, which when my cat is stressed she tries not to potty then ends up with an uti and that's when she stops using the litter box.  I'd have her checked for a UTI as that has been my experience.  Hopefully you are luckier than I am and can take her to the vet. I have to pay ungodly sums of money to have a vet come to the house to be attacked!  Most friendly cat ever, except to vets, she can sense them! 

    Good luck!   And I have to add that left picture is completely adorable!

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  • Hi...sorry you are having pee issues.  I know a few people may suggest Nature's Miracle but it NEVER worked for me.  I bought this enzymatic cleaner and it is the best thing ever.  In my opinion, works so much better.  I went ahead and bought the gallon and with s/h it ended up costing about $50 but some of the best money I ever spent.

    Feliway should also help calm Izzy down.  I still LOVE looking at your siggy pics!

  • salasala member

    Thanks for the input and advice.  Hopefully we are back on the right track and it was just a stressed out fluke.  Although I must admit I'm completely paranoid now always checking behind her in any room she goes too. 

    Thank HB for the compliment, I really should update the pics, but I still love them myself.  (and I'm not even sure I remember how to update at this point Tongue Tied)

  • I also recommend buying a blacklight (I know they have them at PetSmart or cheaper at Target) and searching your house one niight to find all the spot she may have chosen and clean them up before it gets out of hand. (Coming from a person who shelled out over $600 for new carpet when we moved out of our last apartment)
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