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Re: Jaw...floor

  • image Tofumonkey:

    2. It's infuriating that some "teachers" were commenting that she should speak only English at home. Jesus christ, that just had my blood boiling. And the remarks about not wanting their kids to learn broken English from their parents? Oy vay. That had me reaching for my strangling gloves. Should I not speak Chinese to our kids because my Chinese isn't perfect? So I would rather them not practice it at all at home because they may pick up on some of my linguistic mistakes? I should only speak English to them because my English is perfect? Actually, no. I sometimes stutter and make up words. Perhaps we shouldn't communicate in the home at all, just to be safe.

    FWIW, my mom really effed up my English for much of my childhood.  I wish she had left the English to my dad and spoken to me in her native tongue (German).  That way I would have gotten decent examples of two languages instead of having the person around me the most as I was learning to talk speak to me in broken English.  As a result, I learned one language and it was broken English--and it was a big deal because it was my only language.  It took a lot of time in the special trailer behind the school to fix.

    That being said, I don't see that as the same thing at all as what you described above at all.  In your situation, the kids wouldn't be getting one language poorly because they wouldn't just be getting Chinese.  They're getting English too.  

  • Wow, I can't believe what I just read. This is so sad. True, the OP does not seem too bright, but I think some of the other posters came out looking far worse.

    I wanted to post a response so badly, but there's just too much to say. I just loved how one PP stated that there are tons of studies and research proving that children who don't speak English at home are behind their peers in school and have a hard time getting to grade level. Thank you for those who responded to her.

    And regarding the "press 1 for English" issue, they have this option here too for English speaking immigrants. I think a lot of expats are grateful for that and don't see it as themselves having a lack of interest in learning the country's native language.

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  • Gotta to be MUD both the OP and our girl Tabitha.

    That said, my favorite piece of ridiculousness--- 'hey, man, I used the 'no offense' card, so wth are you offended?!'  Priceless.  

    Hey, I'm going to totally berate 2 entire cultures based largely on varying amounts of melanin.  But no one should object b/c I used the magic words "no offense".  What's the big deal?

    It's gotta be MUD.  Really.  Humanity can't be THAT screwed.

  • It bothers me because harsh circumstances in the US, such as being born into poverty and having no parental role models can make someone turn into "trash." What's the point of petty name calling? To make themselves feel superior for a few seconds. Sure, it's Jerry Springer fodder but when you see it and you know the kids are probably going to turn out similar, it's not really funny. 

    I'm not defending the baby daddys or pregnant women clubbing, I just come from a neighborhood where that kind of stuff was the norm and I grew up with people who turned out this way. I don't agree with their lifestyle but I don't think they're garbage. 

    Try to help the person figure out why it's wrong, don't just call them morons or laugh at them behind an anonymous identity. (Not saying you, I'm just clarifying what I meant and why it bugs me). 

    Both the racism and the classcism really bothered me.  

  • I'm not going to dignify Tabitha's posts with an answer because I'll go apeshit on her ass. I sure hope she's MUD, racist attitudes like hers really piss me off.
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  • Well said, Publius and Pineapples.
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    Between security theater, the conservative extremists, and the trendy xenophobic sentiments, the US just scares the heck out of me these days.

    Extremists and xenophobia are found all over the world.  The US may be bad, but come on, it's not THAT bad -- even many European countries deal with the same issues seen in the US.  And I hardly think the opinions expressed in that thread truly represent the majority of the American least I hope not.  I may just be naive though. 

    I agree LadyMadrid. I would argue that some of the anti-Muslim stuff going on in Europe is at least as bad as the American xenophobia. Not that what's happening here these days is good, but we are far from the only ones with crazies in our midst.

    We just got anti-Muslim and anti-immigration flyers from the SVP (Swiss people's party) today. The attitude here is far from being open minded in many cases.

    The thing that bugs me about American xenophobia is the "Press 1 for English" thing, which pissed me off royally when it made the Facebook rounds.  If you're going to get your panties in a bunch over that, I think you're either ridiculously xenophobic (and would probably go insane dealing with the immigration situations in Europe), unaware of how trivial that is (and would hopefully be a bit more rational if you moved to a more multicultural area of the country), or bored and wanting something to huff about.  Okay, to be fair, it's probably the last one.  It seems like a lot of people are happiest when they're riled up about something.

    As for the conservative extremists, yes, there are extremists all over the world, but there aren't a lot of first-world countries where they have the power to dictate government policy.  There are school districts where they try to block teaching natural selection, because they consider it teaching "evolution."  Rick Perry is pushing an abstinence-only sex ed program down the throats of Texas high schoolers, who now think that since "Birth control is not effective," why bother using it?  Surely no sex ed is better than extremist sex ed.  Okay, yes, there are plenty of places in the world that are even more extreme, but I don't think anyone is comparing the US to China, Afghanistan, etc.  And for what it's worth, any place with similar or worse situations would also scare me if I had to live there.

    I'm not saying the US is worse than every other first-world country.  I'm just saying that I'm way too much of a liberal socialist to feel right living there, and the fact that it's drifting farther and farther from my views scares me, because at the end of the day, that is my country and the only place that I'm guaranteed to be able to stay.

  • Nearly every reader's reaction to that post:


    Chronically hilarious - you'll split your stitches!
    I wrote a book! Bucket list CHECK!
  • Gilli- I am a card-carrying member of the Republican party, hella conservative, and so tight you shove coal up my rear you get out a diamond. And even I am effin freaked by the extremism of the states. I started commenting on the fB posts "Thank God for press one for English! Otherwise how on earth would I be able to survive in a foreign country in a language I don't yet speak?" I actually got responses back to the tune of "oh, no! I didn't mean you!" Yeah, cuz it is ok to require other countries to have English options, but we can't have any other language options?!?! Ouch. My brain hurts.
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