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Hi guys :)

Thanks for all the love and support. C and the babies are doing well. Avery is tiny, but looks so big after seeing Quinn. Then I see the babies under the billi lights in the nursery, and she looks tiny again! hah! They'll probably go home tomorrow or Tuesday.  Quinn is staying in the NICU for a bit. She was only 3lbs5oz when born, but other than the IUGR is healthy. This makes me count my blessings we went with a MFM and not a regular OB since I don't know if they would have done as many ultrasounds, monitoring sessions, etc. She dropped off from being neck and neck with Avery at 31 weeks to barely growing in the next month. But, she's healthy so far aside from her size, and already taking nipple feeds (up to 6 cc per feed today). As long as she tolerates them well (no breathing or heart rate issues), they'll increase it 3 cc per 12 hrs. She's in an isolette right now to keep her temp up so all her calories can go to growing, and should move to an open air crib sometime after 3.5 lbs. 

And here are a couple of pics...I can't figure out how to PIP on my mac, sorry - please don't comment on the photos - not all the family has gotten the link yet (waiting on email addresses!)

Avery, 1 day, in newborn hospital longjohns

Quinn, 1 day, the first time we held her




Re: hi!

  • Congrats again on your beautiful girls, Emily. I'm so happy for you and C. I hope Q has just a short Nicu stay and gains quickly. Glad to hear Avery is doing well with nursing.
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  • hi Mama!

    So glad to hear things are going well with both girls - that is awesome that Avery will get to go home and hopefully Quinn isn't too far behind her.



  • so happy for your little family Smile I'm glad to hear that both girls are doing well!
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  • Thanks for sharing! I looked through the whole album. Love the pic with (I assume) your mom, you and Avery(?). It is crazy how Q looks so small compared to A even. Hope you can all be home together soon!
  • I am just so happy for both of you and your girls are precious!!  I am hoping that Quinn gains quickly and gets to come home soon!!


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    Love the pictures! And look at A's (I think Smile) hair! They are both so sweet. Congratulations again! I am so glad that C and both girls are doing well. It's great that C and A will be going home very soon and I hope Q will be joining shortly. I am so thankful that she sounds perfectly healthy and is just tiny. Hopefully she will grow quickly!


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  • So stinkin cute! Congrats to your little family. Hope that Quinn continues to tolerate her feeds well and grows like a weed.
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  • Beautiful babies!  Love all of the pictures!
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  • Congrats again to your adorable girls. I love the names. Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
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  • Congratulations again! I am so happy for all of you. I am glad the girls are healthy (other than Quinn having to be in the NICU temporarily) and that they are eating well. I hope they continue to do well so they can be released ASAP. Smile Oh and that C makes a speedy recovery from her surgery! Thank you for sharing the pictures!
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  • Congrats! Beautiful pictures :) C looks great and the grandparents look so proud! I can't wait to watch these two grow!
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