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Food for new foster dog

Foster dog has been with us 2 days now.  He has some killer gas and very loose stools.  Nerves may have something to do with it and I'm sure suddenly transitioning to a new food isn't helping.  I'm guessing he didn't get great food in his last home or the shelter and now I'm feeding him Wellness. 

Would it be worth feeding him a bland diet and slowly adding in the Wellness over a week or two?  I have dog probiotics and a digestive enzyme - think it would help with foster's gas?

Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.

Re: Food for new foster dog

  • I'm not an expert in any way, but I'm transitioning our new guy to Wellness also. He was on Purina One before. The rescue told me to buy a small bag of Purina and feed him 1.5c that and .25c Wellness for two meals and up the Wellness every two meals until he's transitioned. We're also giving him a scoop of pumpkin, which recalled helped! Can you call the rescue and see what he was on before?
  • yes, you could do steamed chicken and white rice for a few meals (from Chinese takeout), or add some canned pure pumpkin to his food if the problem continues with the new food.
  • He was in the shelter for only a couple days before he came to my house and we're not sure what he was getting before that. 

    I gave him probiotics and digestive enzymes yesterday at breakfast with the Wellness and then switched to boiled beef and rice for dinner.  I gave him 3/4 bland food and 1/4 wellness this morning with the probiotics and enzymes and he has been gas free since yesterday morning.  If his stools don't firm up in a couple days, I'll add the pumpkin.  Thanks for that idea!

    Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.
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