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-Kyna and/or Christy-

I know it is going to be a personal decision in the end, but wwyd based on your experience...

H's 2nd SA came back zero, and the urologist is saying based on his blood work he is diagnosing H with permanent testicular failure. 

At this point H is done with the entire situation, and is ready to move on to other options, I don't know if I'm just reaching, but I still want him to see the infertility urologist.  Is it worth pushing at this point or do I just accept that I'm not going to ever biologically have H's baby?

Any help or input is greatly appreciated, and feel free to pm me as well.

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Re: -Kyna and/or Christy-

  • I would still try to keep the appt. with the uro and have DH go if you can talk him into it. 

    DH had 0 S/A, then had a testicular biopsy that had 0.  Your DH could still just have a blockage or something and have sperm.  Our Uro suggested we try some medication and vitamins and low and behold we have sperm now.  It isn't permanent but as long as he is on this drug he is producing enough for IVF.  

    If you want a bio child, I would talk to him about it.  I wouldn't give up hope.  It seems like your Uro is a real d*ck and has made your DH lose all hope.  I don't think it would hurt to get a second opinion.  Just because he has 0 coming out doesn't mean he is producing 0.  And the only way to tell if he has a blockage is to do a dye test, u/s don't show blockages or if he is missing a part of the tube (forget the name) that leads them out.  

    I have a copy of Helping the Stork.  I will be happy to mail it to you if you would like it.  I read it when we were going to use back up DS for our IVF and DH was going to have a mTESE done.  Basically that is where the Dr. uses the Davinci machine and does blood mapping to find where sperm might be hiding.  They extract tissue and look for sperm.  DH was willing to do anything for a bio child, but not all men are like that.  

    Whatever you decide, both of you have to be okay with.  Big hugs!

  • I agree! I don't think an appointment could hurt anything. H was the driving force in keeping going. I just wanted to move on to IVF. But he thought we could do this naturally. I definitely say talk to him and explain your reasoning. There are so many things that could be wrong that it's worth exploring, especially if insurance is going to cover it. Good Luck!
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