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Weekend Plans

what are you up to this weekend?

Re: Weekend Plans

  • tonight - dinner and drinks with dh

    sat- planning our fall trip and potentially going to the lake with friends

    sun - usual errands

  • tonight - I was thinking of grilling up Salmon steaks. DH pointed out it makes us homebodies to want to stay in on a Fri night, but I just don't feel like going out tonight.

    tomorrow - My pantry is barren. I really need to do some shopping. And I might shop for a new hand mixer. I never did replace my broken one.

    Sun - see Cowboys&Aliens on Sun A.M., maybe pool in the afternoon.

    Meet Beyonce Jr.

    Call me Kat =^..^= Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

  • tonight - nothing

    tomorrow - maybe do some yardwork in the am, relax, possibly go see a band play at night

    sunday - nothing

  • tonight - some friends are stopping by with dinner and to see DD

    tomorrow - seeing friends and their kids in the afternoon, nothing else planned, really.

    sunday - nothing, i think.  Maybe breakfast out.  

    Such exciting plans, I know.  As DH said, our time these days is basically spent keeping DD from crying is various ways.


    Baby K ~ born July 1
  • I have no plans! Which makes me so very happy. I've been busy with things for the past few weeks so it feels good to have nothing scheduled.
  • The kids are leaving but my in-laws are arriving Sad. I have a big paper due on Saturday at midnight so I will be working on that all day. On Sunday I'm going to church then to brunch at Wahoo with a group of girlfriends.
  • Tonight: Pick up some pants at the alterations shop, serious couch time with the DVR

    Sat. & Sunday in no particular order: mountain bike ride, road ride w/friends, possible BBQ & pool time at a friend's house, go to Target, shopping for an anniversary gift for DH

  • Tonight - We were supposed to run errands, but now it's up in the air as DH will likely be working late. No clue if we'll be going out for our usual late dinner or not.

    Tomorrow - If we don't run errands tonight, we'll have to run them in AM. Several of DH's friends are supposed to come over and sort Magic cards (seriously)/cook-out. If none of their wives come over, I plan on working on a few projects upstairs (including getting rid of the biggest of my old clothes!).

    Sunday - go see Captain America

  • I'm waiting for yoga to start at noon, and then showering and heading to the mall to check out the $4 old navy sale and then probably work from starbucks for the day. I need to run a few errands (library, grocery store, the usual) and we're having friends over to swim and cook out tonight.

    I don't know about the rest of the weekend - we are going to Athens on Monday though, hooray! 

  • Tonight: wedding rehearsal, then dinner out with DH for our anniversary

    Tomorrow: wedding

    Sunday: breakfast out with DH, errands/cleaning, church at 5:30, then my first Catholic convert class

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