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'An Un-American Response to the Oslo attack'

I found this article pretty interesting:, and I know we've talked about the Norway events quite a lot in recent days.

Re: 'An Un-American Response to the Oslo attack'

  • My favorite quote: '[Norway's policy] is defined by a belief that there are other values besides security that matter a great deal and that pursuing security above all other values, in a quest for absolute safety, is both self-destructive and futile.' 
  • I found this to be qutie interesting, thanks for posting.

    After reading it, I'm curious as to how Americans feel about the security measures now in the US and the Patriot Act.


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  • imageTofumonkey:

    After reading it, I'm curious as to how Americans feel about the security measures now in the US and the Patriot Act.

    I think they are absolutely ridiculous and restricting. I think the government has way overstepped their boundaries and that somehow we keep letting them do it. I also think that people get some sort of false sense of security from all these 'security' measures, so they will defend them mercilessly even when their government becomes more of a threat than those nameless 'terrorists'.  There are risks everywhere. I am more likely to get attacked walking down the street by some thug than blown up by a terrorist. (not that some security measures aren't necessary, but seriously there has to be a limit!) And don't even get me started on the TSA! *shudder*

  • How do I feel about it? I think this about sums it up:

    'Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.' (Ben Franklin, claro)

    Course the issue is what liberties are 'essential,' and, to a lesser extent, what does 'temporary' mean?

  • The security measures like the Patriot Act are largely insane and over the top. Even if some of their supporters are well-meaning. It reminds me of the way some parets get totally crazy about safety measures for their kids. There's reasonable (don't let your baby play with knives and matches) and there's paranoid (making your child wear a helmet and elbow pads at all times "just in case" they fall down). Yes, the helmet and the Patriot Act make us maybe marginally safer in some way, but at the cost of freedom and normalcy.
  • Thanks for sharing this, I've just sent it on to my DH. I was never super bothered by the 'Big Brother' stuff - I just assume everything I say and do can be seen and carry on with my life. It's disconcerting, but there are other issues I find more difficult to deal with in my life. However, that last time I went through security and was pulled out for the extra pat-down, I felt really gross afterwards. There has to be a better way to keep us safe than my sticking you hands all over me. I was actually a bit shaky afterwards and I'm not usually like that. 

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