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Sexy Costume for sex ? Yay or Nay?

Hi, all girls, do u like wear Costume for sex?
I hate babydoll so much.I am considering of getting a costume for sex ,give a big surprise to my bf.
I have three choices:
Chambermaid Costume

Snooki Leopard Dress

Lady Gaga Star Dress Adult Costume

So hard to choose,help me,thx 

Re: Sexy Costume for sex ? Yay or Nay?

  • Are those the only acceptable answers, yay or nay?

     Let's meet in the middle.  Those costumes are not allways comfortable, escpecially if your going to put it on before he gets home, do your hair, and he ends up in traffic and is late coming home. i personally get a great response from just trying a lil extra so he knows he's about to get it when he walks through the door...

     I'd suggest a very light perfume on your neck. tiny skirt, knee high cute socks if your still spunky and young and a silk button down (white? or what ever you might have). You can always pull the skirt up a little for brief cheek show.

    - this way you don't have to spend money if these are already in your closet =)

    - you're still comfortable

    - no one gets shocked going through your closet or laundry

    But if you do end up picking one of those out, please DON'T pick the lady gaga one! (ps sorry if this has spelling issues, i'm in a rush to get some sleep)

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