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moms over 35

I am curious what precautions that the ob took with you...years ago, it was made into a big deal when you were over that age mark.  one of my besties is 39 and about to have her first baby within the next few weeks (I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!) and her age was never really brought up.  they did order a fetal non stress test for teh last 4 weeks of her pregnancy but other than that...smooth sailing.

i have quite a few gf's who are still single who are in their mid 30's but are feeling very panicked thinking their time is running out...but it seems like women are having babies a little later than years ago and it is not a big deal.  just wonderinmg if anyone could share their thoughts or info on the subject...thanks

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Re: moms over 35

  • I won't be 35 until shortly after delivery so I miss "AMA" by a few weeks (yay!).

    The bottom line is that yes, your risk of having a baby with genetic disorders, etc. does increase with age. But not exponentially the moment you turn 35. It's gradual, with increased risk with increased age. 

    They offered us the non-invasive screens offered to those over 35 (again, they have to pick a cut off somewhere, why 35 I have no idea). I chose to do them, and I'm glad I did.  

  • I don't post often but thought i'd answer. I had my first at 37 and had my second in april at 39. We just did genetic testing. It was blood work and u/s at 12 weeks. more blood work at 16weeks and then the normal 20 week u/s. We did speak with a genetic counselor the first time b/c of illness in our family that we wanted info on.
  • I understand and agree with the AMA designation - they have to start somewhere and 35 seems about right.  However I think that some docs could do a better job of assessing their individual patients instead of blindly following AMA guidelines

    I was 35 when I had Charlie and 36 with Sam.  I declined any and all genetic testing, just because H and I felt that was the best for us.  Nothing is conclusive and we felt that the stress of getting bad results outweighed any of the benefits of knowing something in advance.

    I had no problems getting pg, pretty uneventful pregnancies and no complications.  Maybe if there had been a hint of trouble I would feel differently

    There was an awesome doc in my practice who totally "got" me.  Another doc was pushing me to get my FIFTH us, for no other reason than I was AMA.  I asked the awesome doc what he thought, and he said the purpose of the late u/s for AMA women is to look for low birth weight.  He looked at my belly and said "clearly you don't have that problem.  You don't need this u/s".  DD was 9 lbs 7 oz

    ETA - I was 37 when I had Sam, oops!

    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
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