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WTF Wednesday

Anybody have any open letters? Let's try get this place moving again!


Dear co-workers,

I don't understand why you feel the need to find new ways to cheat the system. You have to punch a timecard. If you start at 8:30, you should try be here by 8:30! I know the system gives you a 7 minute window, so you can come in at 8:37. Fine, do that. But why do you think it's ok to punch in on your cell phone before you even get here? Do you not see anything wrong with that? Just the thought of doing that makes me feel like a skeeze.

Oh, and to add to that, you are supposed to work 8 hours. Again, I know that you get a 7 minute grace period either way. If you are getting to work at 8:37, you should not be leaving at 4:53!  This should not be a daily practice. I don't understand what's so difficult about getting to work on time and working the entire 8 hours.


Very aggravated co-worker


Dear company,

Why is the time card even accesible on phones? You should have to be on the network to access it. Maybe you could work on fixing that sometime in the near future.




Dear MIL,

Thanks for being so awesome! I really appreciate everything that you do and have done for me and DH. I don't know if I've told you that as often as I should. I think I'm going to buy a present for you this weekend as a token of our appreciation to you.



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BFP #1 8/1/11, MMC 10/5/11, D&C 11/1/11

PAL/PGAL Welcome!

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • Dear Bosses,

     Just because you felt the need to fire everyone and their mother does not mean I deserve the extra workload.  I am thankful for my job and after the 1st one got canned i appreciate the slight pay increase, but now I am answering phones and getting screamed at by people in another state because you chose to can someone else.  Cut it out or another pay increase may be in order.  OK Bye

     Lonely Busy Employee

  • Dear Body,

    Enough with the random aches. First the hip, then you went to the hamstring. Yesterday you started with the random lower back pain. I get it. We're going to the chiropractor to see if that helps. A little cooperation would be appreciated though!

    Feeling Older by the Minute

  • Dear Body,

    Ditto the previous post.


    Dear November Girls,

    Where is everyone?  There are several who I haven't seen in quite a while... I worry about y'all! 

    ~Hoping everyone is alright!

  • Dear Brooklyn, in 3 weeks, you will be considered full term and I'm giving you an eviction notice and you'll have 2 weeks from that point to come out... or else I will have to induce and you will have no choice but to embrace your extremely excited new family!!! 

    -Sincerely, mommy

    Dear friends and family,

    thank you for being so patient with me and providing me with the items I need to get by in the next few months (and yes, that includes advice as well)... I look forward to hearing more stories and experience so that I may do the best I can at being a mommy and wife.

    Dear David,

    I'm really not sure why you decided to be a butt these past couple of months, but thank you for being my prince and starting to help me around the house and be more sensitive to my feelings and opinions. I knew we'd work through our rough patch and I'm so glad I get to go through them and experience things with you!

    -Your loving wife that will wait for your buttface to turn around and be sweet :) 

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  • Dear -Insert Rant Here

    I have none. Woohoo.

    Dear Favorite Sister-  I cannot wait until you hop off the plane this afternoon and we get to run around like mad women all weekend long.  I wish the rental washer hadn't imploded so I'd have more disposable cash - but we'll get by.  Cannot wait for the comedy show tomorrow and a super fun cooking class on Monday.  We are going to have a blast!

    photo c603d655-594e-44b6-a311-72f04e7a561b_zpscca2447c.jpg My Little Sweetheart Follow Me on Pinterest
  • Dear Faith,

    1, I cannot believe it's almost time for your sweet baby to be here!  And 2, I just LOL'd at my desk because you called your H a buttface :)


  • glad I could add humor to your day ;) I thought it was better than asshat or douchecanoe... he's currently being a sweetheart and I hope it stays that way lol
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  • Dear reproductive parts... get. your. act. together. Seriously. I have an identical twin in perfect health. And every time I turn around you're falling apart on me. First was the luteal phase defect. Okay, fine. We gave you medicine. Then you flipped out in response to the meds that most women have no trouble with so we switch. Then you show signs of a low-grade infection putting me at risk for miscarriages. Really? We're going to go there now, are we? Then, you haven't worked for two TTC cycles pretty much putting me and hubs on the edge of falling into the sub-fertility pool. Do you realize your twin conceives by just looking at her husband? Take a friggin' lesson here.

    Dear hubs... I love the fact that you have great faith that all will be fine. But don't forget the incredible fertility woes your parents endured. Maybe just maybe we need to consider that we'll be facing what they faced. Can we please start looking into adoption...  just to get used to the idea of growing our family in more than one way?

     Dear family... enough with the trauma and the drama. I love you but oh my... you've almost given me a heart attack several times this month.

     Btw... Faith, wow, I am so amazed that Brooklyn is almost full-term! How exciting! And sorry I've been MIA... things have been so insane here.

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