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Goodbye Borders :-(

If you guys don't get the emails or heard, Borders (the bookstore) is going 100% out of business. They closed almost half the stores earlier this year, but now the whole shebang is going away, website and all.

This really makes me sad. I love that store, although I'll have more money now. It makes me wonder how long before books are completely obsolete. I have an ereader, so I won't be SOL if they do completely go away, but I like physically having the books. 

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Re: Goodbye Borders :-(

  • Yeah... I have a kindle and I adore it, BUT I hope real books never go away.  That would truly break my heart, there is something special about a bookstore and a tangible book with paper pages and a cover that was all thought out and stuff...  :-(

    I use my kindle for travel, and at home when I'm in between purchasing real books...which I am right now.  Guess I'll have to hit up the Barnes and Nobles now tho. 

  • Yeah, I'm very sad to see Borders go.  The store in my town closed in January, and I was pretty upset about it, but at least there were still some stores around.  I'm sad to see it go because I liked it a lot better than Barnes and Noble.  I do have a nook, which is nice, but I love the feeling of holding a new book in my hands and breaking in the binding.  As an English teacher and lover of literature, I certainly hope real books never go away!  We'd be loosing something really special if that ever happens.
  • It's sad because a lot of people will lose jobs that are not going to come back. However, I have never bought a book at Borders. I buy most of my books at Costco, BJ or on Amazon - just can't afford spending $25 on every book when I read 4 a month... it really adds up.

    I don't think printed books will disappear entirely, but physical stores definitely will, and probably very soon.

  • I have always been a Barnes & Noble girl myself, but it is sad to see the brick and mortar bookstores disappearing like the record store.  When I didn't have anything to do in college it was fun just to walk around a record store, look thru music and see people.  I personally love the feel and smell of books. I'm also big on highlighting and writing notes in my books.  I don't see myself going to digital formal.I must admit I have been going to the internet or Costco to buy my books for awhile now.  But, it is always nice to have the option to go to the store to see what is out there.
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