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Travel Question

So DH and I leave for Mexico in exactly one week.  Ah!  I'm getting excited and nervous all at the same time.  But here are my questions: It's an all-inclusive resort.  How much cash should we bring?  It says that tips are included in our resort price, but should we tip anyway?  There's not much reason to have cash except for souvenirs or tips, at least that's what I think.  Am I off the mark?

Re: Travel Question

  • When we went to an all inclusive in Costa Rica for our honeymoon, we took about $300 in cash between us.  We used it to tip the drivers who took us to and from the airport.  We also tipped a few people at the resort who went above and beyond.  The rest of the cash we used on a zip-lining trip, so if you want to take any excursions, I would definitely take enough cash for that.

    Have a wonderful time!  Can't wait to hear about it. 

  • When we went to the Dominican Republic to an all inclusive, we tipped the bartenders at the night bars because otherwise the drinks were really weak. Although, once you do tip them, make sure they make the drink to your liking - I once got such a strong drink after tipping the bartender, I kept asking him to add coke to it for like an hour.

    Yes, you do want to take some money for fun activities, and Alexi is right about $300 is enough. I had my credit card with me just in case.

    When drinking water, always make sure you as for bottled, and that the cap has not been twisted open - that means bottled tap.  On our trip the father of the bride got horribly sick from drinking only bottled water and realized each of his bottles have been open.

    Have fun and share some pictures when you come back :)

  • I forget where in Mexico you're going??

    I would include tips for housekeeping in your budget too, even tho it's an all inclusive.  I always like to give them a big tip.  DH and I aren't slobs, but we sure act like we're on vacay when we're on vacay, and towels are in piles, and beds are messy, etc.

    Have a blast, we went to Mexico five months before the wedding last year, and it was really enjoyable. The culture is just full of hospitable people and the food....well, Mexican food is hard to top in my book :-) 

  • We bring about $100 in singles and $5 for tips for just the resort.  We tip the bartenders mostly.  Tips were included but they appriciate a little extra.  Most all inclusives I have gone to are in the DR and we didnt leave the resort or buy souvineirs so $100 was good.  You may want to bring more if you are going to do activities. 
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