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Heat Wave

Hope you ladies are staying cool if you're under the oppressive dome of the heat wave! It's crazy that today is going to be hottest! Yesterday the heat index was 110 for us...I can't imagine what it is going to feel like today.

Any fun ways to beat the heat other than stay indoors and indulge in frozen treats?


Re: Heat Wave

  • I'm in Texas, so it's not that abnormal for us, but I think we've had more 100+ days this year than we usually do, and August is normally even hotter, so I'm not looking forward to that.

    My advice is to find water - a pool, a sprinkler, something - the heat is much easier to tolerate if you're soaking wet and having fun in it!

    Also, I'm curious what everyone's normal temperature is for this time of year.  We frequently get over 100, but I know a lot of you don't.  (A couple of years ago, my hometown, which is also in Texas, got up to 113.  Insane.)

  • image angieandjames:

    My advice is to find water - a pool, a sprinkler, something - the heat is much easier to tolerate if you're soaking wet and having fun in it!

    I agree with this! Our neighbors have a pool and they've been asking us to come over and use it since we've lived here. We finally decided to go for it Wendesday night and it felt amazing.

    Today has cooled off a little bit. It's only supposed to get up to 91* (I like how that is now considered cooling off for me after the past three days). The heat index yesterday was 110* by me.

    This time of year, I'd say we're typically in the low 90s/upper 80s. I have a bad weather memory.


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  • It's currently 98 here with a heat index of about 110, according to the Weather Channel.  The average high is supposedly 88 degrees in July in our town, but we always have days in the high 90s each summer.  And we're in the south, where the humidity gets so thick you feel like you can chew the air sometimes, so that never helps. 


    Our neighborhood doesn't have a pool, and it costs to much (IMO) to join the community pool, so we mainly stay cool by staying indoors or going to the lake. Or, if it's like last week when our A/C died, we stayed cool at my folks' house!

  • omg it is in insane right now. My office is freezing at least, but my car temp on the way home said 107 for outside. We left the AC on at home all day so it would be ok in here so now I am fine. Tomorrow we are hitting up the pool in the morning and staying in the rest of the time I hope!
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  • You're welcome for the heat, East Coast ;)

    Earlier this week it was 124* with the heat index. Do I need to remind you all that I'm in MINNESOTA? Ya know, that state that gets picked on for being a frozen tundra? It was over 110* heat index for like 4 days straight. At one point, we were the most humid location in the western hemisphere (yup, more humid than the Amazon Jungle. what up.)  It was oppressive.  When I woke up Thursday morning to 75*, I thought I was in heaven.

     It's 'only' supposed to be low 90s this weekend, which is still warm for us I think.  I just remember thinking it was super hot when it would spike above 90*, but that's where we've been sitting for the past few weeks. It's really strange.

     I blame all the idiots who whined incessantly about the snow/cold this winter. I know it was a really harsh winter, but 'cmon. It's Minnesota- you should expect a crap ton of snow. I should not expect 120*+ days.  

  • The weather was insane. That's really crazy though that Minnesota was more humid than the Amazon. I believe that though with the crazy temps that came our way.

    We stayed inside during the week, but on Saturday I had a relay triathlon with friends and it was 85 degrees at 530AM. Insanity. I only had to run a 5k, but dang if I didn't take a beating. 

    The weather is supposed to be more normal this week in the upper 80s and I welcome that! 

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