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Pepper Problem

I'm not a regular on here, but I hope someone might have some insight.

We have a bed that has several different types of peppers, tomatoes, and a melon in it.  Everything is super healthy in this bed except ONE pepper plant that has become totally wilted.  It's very hot here in NC, and this plant up to, say, 5 days ago had been perfectly healthy.  It has two small peppers on it, and still has a few flowers.  It's still perfectly green, but it looks the way plants look if they haven't been watered in a few days.  At first when we noticed the wilt, we gave it extra water at night--that helped--the next morning it had perked up.  We watered again that AM as usual with the rest of the bed....but that afternoon it was all wilted again, and it's been that way since.  We keep watering it--more water and both AM and PM, whereas the rest of the bed is still fine with just the AM watering).  I've looked and it doesn't appear to have any bugs or anything.  If we didn't have a cage around it, it would have totally collapsed though.

Can you ladies think of anything that may be affecting this poor plant?  Any other advice?  TIA!

Re: Pepper Problem

  • ETA:  I didn't specify earlier, but it is a bell pepper plant.  Also, after google searching, it sounds like it might be a soil disease, but if anyone else has ever had Bacterial Wilt, does it affect the plants one at a time or all of them at once?  Like I said, there are other plants in pretty close proximity of this one, and none of the others are showing symptoms....hopefully I don't need to add "yet."  This isn't a raised bed, but it does get good drainage. 

  • I don't have any advice but I had the same issue w/one of my mini bell pepper plants about a month ago.  I only have two, but one looked great and was growing and the other was wilted and looked like it was about to die for about a week.  I didn't do anything but it just perked up a week later and looks great now.  I have at least 8 good size mini's on it now.
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