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PSA if you water with a hose

On a hot day, water sitting inside the hose can be scalding hot.

If your hose sits in direct sun, it can be hot enough to burn you, OR the plants you're about to water. Let the water flow out before you start: point the hose into the street, or the driveway, or the deck, and flush out the scalding water until it flows cool to the touch. Then it's safe to water your delicate plants.

My husband didn't know this, I remember when I learned about it. I'm guessing it might be worth sharing.

Stay cool this weekend girls!!!Beer

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Re: PSA if you water with a hose

  • junojuno member
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    Point it especially at the weeds in the concrete cracks :)  Two birds.  Though it might appear you are a crazy person watering weeds.
  • I learned this when I saw steam coming off of the water from the hose and realized it was scalding hot.
  • ~NB~~NB~ member
    5000 Comments Combo Breaker

    Please share this info with people you know.

    When I worked at a nursery, nobody ever mentioned this to the new people, and of course they destroy plants for awhile before they accidentally get some water on themselves and find out that it comes out boiling hot for at least a full minute (on a long hose)!

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  • Thank you for posting this.  Honestly I some times forget to run the water first before watering my garden.  Duh! 
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