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weekend plans

what are you up to this weekend??

Re: weekend plans

  • Not doin' nuthin.

    Our Am/Ex is looking dangerously high so we're gonna fight the good fight this weekend and try to not spend $$$.

    On Sat we're celebrating a 30th B-day with our friends and mrBAMF has big pool plans. Hopefully without the ants this weekend. He went yesterday afternoon and set our pool bag down in an ant pile. Confused

    Meet Beyonce Jr.

    Call me Kat =^..^= Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

  • my grandma's 85th b-day was yesterday. we (all my aunts, mom and dad and me and dh) are surprising her for lunch tomorrow at JCT kitchen. yum! dh and i are going to drive there together, meet my mom and dad. dh and my dad will drive back to our house and then dh will follow my dad as they drive the 32 ford back to carrollton (the antique car in my sis' wedding pics). i will stay with my mom for lunch and will ride to carrollton with her and then dh will have someone to ride with him back to marietta. that sounds exhausting.

    sunday we will prob go visit some friends and their baby that i haven't seen since he was born and then head to church.

  • Tonight - My friend is taking our summer kids to the drive-in so DH and I are going on a date.

    Saturday - Taking the kids to Stone Mountain Park.

    Sunday - Taking the kids to Acworth Beach (I've never been. Anything I should know?)

  • I'm going to Detroit for my Grandpa's 80th birthday. I'm excited to see family.

    Dh and I are also going to take a side trip to Canada, Dh has never been and it's only 25 minutes from where we are staying. 

  • tonight: dinner with DH, unless my sister texts me and tells me that she wants to do's her birthday, yay!

    tomorrow: we have to go to sam's, because DH needs more protein bars...which also means CHURROS. omg excited. and we might go see fast 5 at the discount theater, because i've been promising DH i'd see it with him.

    sunday: no plans right now...i think DH wants to rent a chainsaw from home depot so we can cut up the rest of the tree that fell last week.

  • tonight: dinner with DH at one of the scoutmob places then if we are feeling ambitious, we will go for a jog

    tomorrow:  perhaps some pool time and a double date?

    sunday: usual errands.  i might bake a blackberry cobbler

  • image champagnedreams:

    tonight: dinner with DH at one of the scoutmob places then if we are feeling ambitious, we will go for a jog

    tomorrow:  perhaps some pool time and a double date?

    sunday: usual errands.  i might bake a blackberry cobbler

     Yum Blackberry Cobbler. That sounds fantastic. I love blackberries.

  • (assuming I'm not sicker tomorrow) In no particular order:

    Going to see Transformers w/DH, 2 road bike rides, take my new bike out for a quick shake down ride to test it out and play with the fit, get my rings cleaned at the Shane Co., run general errands, try to find plantation shutters I like for the renovated half bath, maybe dinner w/friends one night or stop by to see a friend of DH's that is pretty sick if he's up to it (chronic illness)

  • Tonight - the usual late dinner w/ friends & pick up the house

    Tomorrow -  up in the air. We're supposed to do something with a friend of ours, but don't know what yet.

    Sunday - hopefully go see Harry Potter. We haven't seen any of the movies in the theater. After seeing the last movie the other night, we really want to go to the theater this time.

  • Tonight: Dinner out I hope, because I don't feel like cooking.

    tomorrow: Finish cleaning out my townhouse in Norcross so that our new renter's have a clean townhome to move into on Aug 1st (yay!)

    Tomorrow night: One of my best friends from college is going to be in town for the weekend from Philly (she just broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to get away). Meeting her and her other friend for dinner. We have a babysitter. Yay! 

    Sunday: Brunch with my friend. Tennis (unfortunately we were short people so I have to ditch my friend and play so we don't forfeit). And more hanging out with my friend. 



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