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Did you have your shower this weekend? How was it?
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Re: *Faith*

  • Yep!!! It was yesterday! It went very well. (tiring, but good). My mom has all of the pictures on her camera, so I'm waiting for her to upload and e-mail them to me. My hostess did a clothesline with a bunch of baby clothes pinned to it for me and I got an entire wardrobe for this LO. I didn't get any of my big items, but I can live without most of them, so that's a relief. I'm very grateful that so many of my friends were able to come and that everyone was so generous and well-spirited. We played a few games (but nothing gross or annoying) and my mom made homemade tacos. I was in absolute heaven once I cooled down. (I had to rush from someone else's shower that was an hour across town).. 

    Pictures to come soon. 

  • that's great!! so glad you had a good time :) I loved going through all the stuff over and over again once I got it home!
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  • I'm currently washing my 6th load of laundry for Brooklyn! there were 3 cold loads and 3 warm ones.. DH decided we should wash pinks separate from darks and lights in each... I already went back through my registry and deleted or marked things that had been purchased (just so at my work and family mini-showers, I don't just end up with a million items of clothing and blankets to return) and hopefully I get my stupid changing pad and boppy. (I'm just paranoid, anxious, and excited).

    I go in her room about once an hour to clear stuff out and sort and separate things. I'm completely crazy at this point.. but with 5 weeks left.. I'm starting to feel the pressure. You'll have to post pictures of the nursery when you get it done... I'm nosy and love seeing nursery pictures... you can keep it to yourself if you want though. 

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