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Ohio State vacates all 2010 victories

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State is vacating its wins from the 2010 football season, including its share of the Big 10 championship and the Buckeyes' victory over Arkansas in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Responding to the NCAA's investigation of a memorabilia-for-cash scandal that cost former coach Jim Tressel his job and led to star quarterback Terrelle Pryor leaving school, the university also said Friday it is waiving a $250,000 fine imposed on Tressel and changing his resignation to a retirement.

Through the school, the ex-Buckeyes coach said that he is taking responsibility for the NCAA inquiry, which developed after it was learned Tressel failed to report players receiving improper benefits.

Tressel will attend Ohio State's Aug. 12 hearing before the NCAA infractions committee, the former coach's attorney said Friday.

The university also is putting the football program on probation for two years, which means there would be harsher penalties if any further wrongdoing is discovered.

The response to the NCAA doesn't mean Ohio State's woes are over. The governing body for college sports could still impose tougher sanctions, such as a ban on post-season play and a reduction in scholarships in the wake of the August hearing.

Athletic Director Gene Smith wouldn't speculate on what else the NCAA might do, but he called the university's actions significant. Not only is the entire 2010 season wiped out along with the Sugar Bowl, but so is the university's seven-game winning streak over rival Michigan.

"That's a significant impact to those who participated, and some of them are still here today," he said.

Smith said the university will overhaul how it manages its football players, from the cars they drive to where they live, to the bars and restaurants they visit. "A lot of different strategies," he said.

Smith said he felt betrayed by Tressel when the coach informed him he'd known for months that players had sold memorabilia or traded them for tattoos and cash at a local tattoo parlor without telling anyone at the university, as required under his contract and NCAA rules.

"In the moment, yes, I felt betrayed. Why not bring that to me?" Smith said. "But I've gone on."

Four players will miss five games this season as a result of the scandal, which initially broke shortly before the Sugar Bowl -- though those involved were still allowed to suit up -- and one player will miss one under a previously announced sanction by the university. Pryor also was suspended but left school soon after Tressel resigned in late May to try his luck in the NFL.


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Re: Ohio State vacates all 2010 victories

  • Wow.


    TTC #1 since June 2008 *SAIFW*

    TI, IUIs, IVF = c/ps and BFNs

  • Any other Buckeye fans out there? I was born and raised in Columbus and have been harassed more in the past seven months about my team than I think I have in my entire life! They will always, always be my team but is there any one else on here afraid to see what will be on the news next? They haven't even dealt with the NCAA yet.
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  • good.
  • When I heard the news, I thought it was a joke. I think it's warranted - and find it a little ironic that they won't keep the bowl game win after all that ish over the players who shouldn't have been playing who got to play [the whole suspension issue].
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  • image kjvogelsang:

    yes, because us vacating all of our wins rights all the wrongs *insert eye roll*


  • Love the sig, copz.
    Romney-Portman 2012 ORGAN DONOR: DEAL WITH IT. :-) :-)
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