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where can I find...?

Someone to sharpen our kitchen knives. We have a very expensive set that we got as a gift and yes it came with a sharpener-thingy. But I either don't know how to work it correctly or whatever, our knives always seem dull!

 I've heard in the past of businesses doing this, but have no idea (now that I need it) where to find it.


Re: where can I find...?

  • Sometimes kitchen stores will have events where you can bring in your knives.  I've seen Wustof event at Williams-Sonoma and such.  Check out Chef's Gallery in Stillwater too.  Even if they don't have sharpening on site, they could refer you to a place that does sharpen knives.

     By the way, you'd get more responses to your posts if your subject is more specific to what you need or what you're looking for.

  • I would call the Kitchen Window in Calhoun Square and ask them.  They sell expensive knives and might be able to help.
  • Cooks of Crocus Hill does it.  I just called them last week.  I'm not sure how the St. Paul store works but in Edina, the guy picks them up Fridays and returns them on Sundays.  It's $5 a knife and he doesn't do scissors or serrated blades.  I'm going to drop ours off next week and I can let you know how it goes.
    Tired after a long morning of hiking and swimming.
  • I have used Master's Edge in Minneapolis. They were great to work with, and they sharpened mine while I waited.


  • I used to work for one of the stores mentioned so I'll remain neutral but here is where to look:

    Chef's Gallery - Stillwater

    Cooks of Crocus Hill - Edina or St. Paul

    Kitchen Window - Uptown

    Master's Edge - just off Hennepin in Mpls (and you can typically get restaurant returned items that have been refurbished at a discount here too!)

    Any good cooking store can give you a run down of how to use the honing steel.  I've worked for 2 chain stores in addition to one of the independents and I can almost 100% guarantee that you'll have a better lesson if you go to one of the independents.  Good news is that if you regularly use your steel, you can greatly draw out the time between professional sharpenings.  Nothing will replace a professional sharpening but you can take good care of them in the meanwhile!

  • I have a father-in-law that does it as his retirement gig. He typically does $15-$20 for the block, but that may vary a little. Does a great job. Contact me if you are interested.
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