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Feel free to flame me but I could really use some help...

I'm hoping someone can talk me down from the ledge here...

So I've been on Loestrin 20 Fe for the past 6 months as BC with my BF. I've been good about it (a few times in the first few months I missed it by a couple hours). Anyway, I went through this month, feeling totally fine, taking it at the same time every day and then...

My period took a while to show up. I took my last pill on Thursday and usually get my period by Saturday. I "got it" on Sunday but it was super light - just a line of blood and today it's been just brown, old blood since then, not even enough to really need a panty-liner.

I've always had light periods (never had to use more than a panti-liner, even at night) and they have gotten lighter on the pill. Is this just my body adjusting to the pill (i.e. shorter, lighter periods) or should I be worried enough to test?

I know this might seem like a dumb question/issue but this is the first "scare" I've ever had and I'm really praying that I'm freaking out over nothing...

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Re: Feel free to flame me but I could really use some help...

  • If you are worried, take a pregnancy test.  It is no big deal. 
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  • I was on LoEstrin 20 Fe for a few years up until this month.  My period went from being really heavy and long before I started on this pill to very light and short. Some months I wouldn't get my period at all.  My dr said this was normal on this pill.


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  • I am not by any means trying to flame you, but if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to walk into a drugstore and purchase a pregnancy test. Then you will know the answer.
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  • No, I completely agree with you, I was being a chicken sh!t. It was a scary thought to do that because I've never had a scare before - I just got a test, POAS and got a BFN, thank God!! Just a really light period I guess...weird.

    Thanks for your help everyone! Hopefully the next time I buy one of these things it'll be 7-8 years from now, married, etc. and I'll actually be hoping for the opposite answer.

    And if the stormy weather came...I'd just kiss you in the rain... Daisypath Anniversary tickers image
  • If you ever need to POAS again, get the pregnancy tests at the dollar store. They are the same, are accurate and only cost a dollar. They even have ovulation predictor sticks.
  • You said you missed it by a few hours... I have missed an entire day... but you should test if you think there is a chance you are pregnant because then you need to stop the BC.

    As for your period getting lighter, I have been on the same one and there was a point I missed a month or so. I also joked about barely getting AF for four hours. It was too light for tampons and and I used 2 pads per month.

  • I've been on LoEstrin for over a year now, and my periods have all but disappeared.  If anything, I get a little spotting.  This month I actually bled enough to use a tampon.  First time I used one in three months.  From everything I've heard, it's pretty normal on this pill.  


    I do keep a drawer with a few backup pg tests, though.  Just so I can POAS and breath a nice healthy sigh of relief. 

  • It wasn't that particular BC pill, but I used to be on one that made my period virtually disappear. Most months the only way I knew I was on my period was because I still got light cramps.

    You are probably fine, but talking to your doctor is always a good idea with any health question. 

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  • I was on that same pill for almost two years. I had extremely light periods. Its been about 3 years since I was on that pill, but I remember having periods like you explain. I remember every month my period getting shorter and that worried me a few times, did a few pregnancy tests and determined it was just the pill. 
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