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waited till marriage to have sex and...

My husband and I waited to have sex until we were married.. bad idea! I guess because it was so foreign to my body, I got a lovesly bladder infection on my honeymoon in Maui. Went to the Kaiser there and the meds i was prescribed id not do the trick. When we came back I visited the Kaiser here in south OC and my  doctor put me on a 10 day prescription. The bladder infection is gone, but now i have a yeast infection. Is this normal? Why am I haveing SO many problems down there?! And to top things off, I was  unaware that antibiotics reduced the effectivness of your birth control until I saw the blog on here yesterday. That may explain these weird random cramps I am having no where near my period and the nausea ive been feeling. Any tips on how to prevent these lady problems? Help!

Re: waited till marriage to have sex and...

  • are you pregnant? were you using bc?

  • It's totally normal to get a yeast infection right after being on meds for a bladder infection. I had a bladder infection hat was so bad one time I was put on three different antibiotics and ended up getting a systemic yeast infection (yeast all through the mucus areas of the body including in my mouth). This happens to a lot of women so don't panic about that. Yes it sucks, but try monistat 3, stop eating all carbs for a week and try to reduce dairy for a week as well (that's what I did to help kill the yeast). In terms of the birth control it is probably just your period coming in early but I would still take a pregnancy test for sure. Hope this helps!
  • Sorry you are having so many issues, but some info. Some women are just prone to infections. Pee right before and right after and wipe from front to back. Stay super clean down there. Also don't have sex in pools or water because you'll get infections like no other.

    Also with the antibiotics, yes they decrease the efficiency of birth control - take a pregnancy test. Also broad spectrum antibiotics (probably what they gave you for the bladder infection) kill off other bacteria as well which allows the yeast in your system to get a little crazy and multiply like rabbits thereby giving you a lovely yeast infection :(.

    Hope you get everything worked out!

  • Yes.. antibiotics cause a yeast infection.
  • Urinate after sex; this will help you out a lot! Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of BC, so use a secondary form (like a condom) while on therapy and for 3 days after. Antibiotics also kill the healthy bacteria in your lady parts, therefore leading to a yeast infection. Eating yogurt or taking a probiotic in the future while on antibiotics will help to avoid this. Hang in there!!! 
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  • A garlic pessary will cure a yeast infection.
  • From a lurker... 

    Like everyone says, pee after sex.  It helps flush out your system.  I would also recommend cranberry tablets or cranberry juice (17% juice).  There is something in the cranberry that helps prevent the bad bacteria from adhering or traveling up to your bladder.  Bactium, one of the main drugs prescribed for UTIs doesn't work for me - I have to get Cipro. Although my last dr. said that may have been because the bacteria was resistant to that strain.

    Yes, a yeast inrfection is also common because the anti-biotic kills all germs - good and bad. It is pretty easy to take care of now that you can get the necessary stuff without a prescription.  Eat yogurt to reintroduce good bacteria to your system.

    Don't stress out too much about this.  Having sex does have consequences for your body, but all of these issues end when you learn what you need to.  This board is a great resource. 

    Another word to the wise, if you bring toys into the bedroom, make sure they are clean.


  • It's totally normal to get a yeast infection after taking antibiotics. Basically, antibiotics kill all the "good" bacteria in your system. This causes the yeast to get a little out of control, hence, the fun yeast infection! I'm pretty prone to them and if I feel like I'm starting to get one, I'll take some acidophilis right away. These are probiotics and they will usually clear it up for me. You can find them at the grocery store in the vitamin section. I can't use monistat or anything like that, it makes it worse! Really weird.

    Also, yea certain antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of your BC. If I have to to take antibiotics, I always ask my doc to prescribe some that won't interact. 

    I would definitely suggest peeing before and after sex, that will reduce the chances of you getting an infection. Once you guys have been "together" for a while, I'm sure you won't be as prone. When you first become sexually active, or if you haven't had sex in a while, it's pretty easy to get an infection. It'll get better!  

    Sorry you had to deal with that on your honeymoon! No fun!

  • I'm a little confused why everyone's advice is to "pee after sex" to flush everything out.  Basic anatomy tell us that we are talking about two different "holes" here. ???  I'm always searching myself for ideas on "vagina health" as I have serious PH problems and I'm constantly fighting to stay balanced.  I use the Refresh inserts on an almost weekly basis if my husband I have been "active".
  • image Brookemoose78:
    I'm a little confused why everyone's advice is to "pee after sex" to flush everything out.  Basic anatomy tell us that we are talking about two different "holes" here. ???  I'm always searching myself for ideas on "vagina health" as I have serious PH problems and I'm constantly fighting to stay balanced.  I use the Refresh inserts on an almost weekly basis if my husband I have been "active".

     Yes, two different holes but they are right next to each other.  When you have sex fluids get pushed up your pee hole.  After you have sex force your self to pee and everything that could have been pushed up will be pushed out by your pee. 

  • Actually, studies have not shown that regualr antibiotics decrease effectiveness of BC pills. Some antibiotics will make you metabolize estrogen faster. So a theory says it makes you metabolize the estrogen in your pills faster. But this hasn't been shown to be conclusive. Plus your pills have a "back-up" hormone (progesterone). There are antibiotics that have been shown to decrease effectiveness. usually anit-tuberculins (you would get this for tuberculosis) and other ATYPICAL antibiotics. It is found that the usual causes for BC failure while on antibiotics is: taking pill late or forgetting (a result of trying so hard to take your antibiotics on time), or antibiotics causing gastrointestinal issues leadidng to loose BMs or diarrhea.....whoch cause your pill to move through your system faster (and not dissolving fully in the correct part of your system). Still, because of the theory (even though studies don't show much truth in it), you still will get warnings on the prescription bottle.
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  • Also, drink a lot of cranberry juice and water, it helps keep your urinary tract clean!

    This may or may not apply, but info is always good- you are more prone to getting bacteria in your urinary tract from doing positions like doggie style, there's more chance of contact between your urethra (where you urinate from) and cross contamination from your rectum since he is "back there"

    ask your doctor anytime you're prescribed something if it will conflict with your birth control. I'm only aware of antibiotics affecting it, but never bad to double check.

    Do not have sex on a full bladder, the pressure ups the chances of a UTI, just like holding it when you really have to pee increases chances as well, because the walls of your bladder get stretched out and may not contract fully the next time, leaving urine and possibly bacteria inside your body.

  • also, if you are worried about pregnancy, get a test, it's important to know, even if you weren't planning on that
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