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What are your Fourth of July Plans?

I cannot believe July is tomorrow! 
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Re: What are your Fourth of July Plans?

  • I think we are going to the Dundalk parade this year since it's early, 8:15. We usually go to the Catonsville one but it's not until 3 and it will just be too hot for me this year.  I think that's it for big plans--I'll be in bed before the fireworks even start. 
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  • We bought Aiden a swingset last week, and DH is in the middle of putting it together.  DH has two friends coming over on Saturday to help him.  I'm hoping it's done by Sunday or Monday so we can enjoy some family time.
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  • We don't have any set plans, which is kind of nice. It seems like we've had a hectic month or so, so it is nice to have a long weekend of down-time.

    I realized Monday was July 4, but when you said that you couldn't believe tomorrow was July, I thought to myself, "are you kidding me, tomorrow is July 1?!"

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  • We're having a ton of family over for a barbeque.  It should be fun but I'm totally paralyzed by the cleaning and outdoor prep we have to do between now and then.
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  • We have parties to go to on Saturday & Sunday.  On Monday we might get motivated enough to go and participate in the local stroller/bike parade... 
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  • We are closing on our new home today, moving tomorrow and Saturday... and hosting 50 or more people for a party on the 4th of July.  This was 100% DH's idea and I cannot believe I agreed to this. 

    I am really excited to host people in our new home, it's such a great house and I can't believe it will be ours so soon... But my feelings may change on Saturday and Sunday when I'm overwhelmed with unpacking and making the house suitable for a huge party.  Yikes!  Will need lots of wine to get through the weekend for sure!

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  • I am leaving Saturday morning for Chicago with two besties to go visit another bestie who lives there. We fly home Monday night so I'm not sure we will see any fireworks, unless it's from an airplane.
  • We're going to the Columbia fireworks with some friends. We'll see how DD does with the noise and lateness. Its about a 10 minute walk from our house, so hopefully it'll be OK.
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  • Well for years I didnt have any plans, I was in a marching band and we performed in 3 parades on July 4th: Dundalk, Towson and Catonsville, then we did the Havre de Grace parade a few days later. Then in 2005 ( I think that's when it was) I quit the band and from then on we have always joined our friends to watch the Bel Air parade and fireworks.

    Come to think of it I dont even know when the Bel Air parade is this year...

  • I'm heading to the beach tomorrow until Tues morning. It's going to be weird going back to OC after having FL beaches in my backyard for a year and a half. The days of empty beach is over :(  I'm super excited though since I get to finally see some friends since I moved back!!

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  • We're leaving tomorrow to go to Pittsburgh for my sister's wedding on Saturday. We're coming back on Sunday. On Monday I think we're going for a cookout at either BIL/SIL's or IL's.

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  • We were supposed to go to a cookout at a friend's on Saturday, but that's been cancelled... so now we have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend.  On one hand I'm glad - last weekend was insane and exhausting, but on the other hand, I know we'll end up bored.  I need to figure out something to do! 
  • image SarahKate31:
    We're leaving tomorrow to go to Pittsburgh for my sister's wedding on Saturday. We're coming back on Sunday. On Monday I think we're going for a cookout at either BIL/SIL's or IL's.

    I have a co-worker who is going to a wedding in Pgh. I wonder if it is the same one. Are they getting married in Mellon Park?

    We are going to Pgh either tomorrow or Sat. Sunday MIL is having dinner to show DD off to family that haven't seen her yet. We'll drive back on Sunday night or Monday. Monday we will probably be in bed early since it is a school night and we will have traveled for two weekends in a row.

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  • We have no plans and I'm kind of happy about it. We've been super busy the last 2 weeks so it will be nice to just sit on the couch and catch up on DVRed shows with a walk thrown in here and there.
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  • We are going to my aunt's for a pool party/picnic.  On the 4th we might go the fireworks, we'll see.
    My sweet boy
  • Taking DD to the beach for the first time! BIL & SIL are coming in from Ohio and we are all staying at my parents condo. We'll come back home sometime Monday since DH has to work Monday night. Probably won't watch fireworks anywhere because of this. 
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  • Lots of cookouts and family...  
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  • Cleaning the house tomorrow and some yard work, cook out with friends on Sunday, and Monday just relaxing...maybe some playground time. 
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  • I mostly lurk here these days, but just popped in to say hi! We are visiting old friends today...haven't seen them since their wedding and they now have two kids. Tomorrow we will drop the pup off at BFF and head to National Harbor. Staying at the Gaylord, so exciting! Then Monday we are going to a friend's party. They live near Ft. McHenry so you can see the fireworks from their roof deck. I don't have to work until 1 on Tuesday, yay! Hope everyone has a great holiday.
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