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Highlight of your week?

What's been the highlight of your week (aside from today being Friday/the week being almost over)?

Re: Highlight of your week?

  • Aw come on it being Friday is all I've got lol!

    I got to hang out with friends a couple of times this week so that was a good thing - brunch on Sunday, a book club on Monday and a softball game on wednesday (I spectate.)  so all of those things were highlights.

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  • Closing my deal on Tuesday!!!  Not because closing it in itself was so fabulous - but because it had completely taken over my life this past month and I could finally start the time off I'd been planning!!!  Goodbye herding cats all hours of the day and night -- hello 2 1/2 weeks to hang out with my family and get a handle on the half dozen major projects that we have happening around here. 
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  • I've had a really good week - personally and professionally.

    Ella's sleeping in her room, in her big girl bed, w/o crying and she really doing well w/ potty training - so its like in this week, she's no longer a baby.  Its exciting and sad.

    Professionally, I did all but one employee review and they all went well and I managed to give firm, but constructive feedback to my one employee who's always hyper sensitive and freaks out about stuff - and so far it seems like she took it to heart.

    I also got a good and signifcant raise myself which I'm really proud of.

    And, I have short week next week, then vacation and then another short week - so I'm only working 11 days in July!!

    (I'd still like to sleep past 7 am one day though!)

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  • Finally getting to meet a friend that I have known for years via the internet.  It was so awesome to finally meet in person.  She gave me a tour of Toronto and all.  It was a blast!

    Oh and finding out that I don't have a client next week, so I can stay home all week Smile 

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  • I don't want to jinx it, but someone is coming to get 2 of my foster kittens tonight, which leaves me with one left, which might become a foster fail :-) I am so excited to see them go to a good home. And my Facebook friends are probably excited that I will stop being such a kitten pusher.
  • Finishing Persuasion yesterday- I'd been trying to get through that book for months.  My reward now is 2 more Sookie Stackhouse books Wink

    And, I had the best cupcake (2 actually) of my life this week.  They were unreal.

    (Can you tell it's been a low-key week?  I've gotta take what I can get in terms of simple pleasures, lol.)

  • Ummm, i have a hair appointment tomorrow, so that will likely be the highlight.

    I was able to find two urns to go out in our front garden. It took some hunting (and some stepping in dog poo in lowes, which you saw if we are FB friends) but they are perfect and I love them.
  • Becky - sorry! I wanted everyone to put a little more effort into thinking up their highlights ;) 

    Lisa - I am SO happy for you!  And that green boots picture makes me giggle everytime I see it.  I <3 that little man.

    Kathryn - congratulations to Ella and you!  It's bittersweet to watch them grow up and leave the baby stuff behind, but it's so amazing, too.  Congratulations on your raise!

    My highlights:

    Replacing my giant robo-boot with a smaller shoe on the broken foot.  It's still ugly and annoying and the bone doesn't show any visible signs of healing, but I can walk, I can get around easier, etc.  I'm grateful for that, even if the rest of it is still terribly frustrating.

    I'm also grateful that the ortho gave me the okay to go to the gym and work out as long as I don't put pressure on the broken foot, meaning I can work my upper body and do something like a recumbent bike.  We joined the gym last month, DH has been using it 3 times/week (I'm so proud of him!) and now I can finally make use of it.  I'm thrilled.

    Yesterday was a house cleaners day.  Best money we spend, hands-down.

    I FINALLY got my hair done this week.  I had an appointment scheduled during the time I was off my feet and in bed, so I had to reschedule once I was up and moving and the earliest appointment they could give me was 4 weeks from the day I called.  My hair stylist is popular, and with good reason - she's a genius and I freakin' love my hair. 

    And finally, 'cause my kid cracks me up, Mia telling the automatic doors at Target "thank you" as they opened for her was certainly a highlight.  She kills me. 

  • My husband is coming home today after being gone for a month

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  • image FieryIrishAngel:

    And finally, 'cause my kid cracks me up, Mia telling the automatic doors at Target "thank you" as they opened for her was certainly a highlight.  She kills me. 

    yesterday, driving home from school, Ella kept turning to the cars next to us and going "what's your name?"


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  • I just found out about 10 minutes ago that my BFF is cleared for her 3rd and final surgery.  She had her colon removed a few months ago and has had a colostomy bag ever since.  I'm so happy for her that this 3rd surgery will be it for her and she won't have to have her bag anymore after next Thursday. 

  • Lene - that's awesome that you got to meet someone you've known for so long! 

    Bailey - yay for kitty homes!

    Mere - simple pleasures are still happy ones ;)  Which two Sookie books are you going to read next?

    Mary - I can relate to the hair appointment joy.

  • I no longer have to park in the employee lot and take a shuttle to and from the airport! For the same price, I now get to park in the garage. I punched out last night and 25 minutes later, I was standing in my kitchen! I've waited 40 minutes for the shuttle before. This easily adds an hour to my day. Definitely the highlight of my week.
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  • Spent some good quality time with my parents in Florida at the beginning of the week. It's always good to see them since we only see them maybe 2-3 times a year.

    Coming home Wednesday night and sleeping in my own bed. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed :)

    Making myself go to the gym this morning and run/walk 4 1/2 miles on the treadmill. I'm trying to make this a habit... I think I can, I think I can :)

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  • Earlier in the week as we were driving to day care in the morning, a bunch of horses were out standing in the field we drive by. I slowed the car down and rolled down the window and said "Sean, look at the horses."

    Every morning since as soon as we get to the same stretch of road he starts asking, "Mommy, where neigh go?" (He calls horses 'neighs' like he calls cats 'meows'). Nothing gets past this amazes me he remembered the exact spot in our drive and knows to look for them now. It tickles me every time he says it.


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  • Mine are both BR (sorry in advance!)

    I found out my fluid levels weren't low like they thought (or they just went back up)so I didn't have to be induced this week..yay.

    The girls' room is almost done!  We just need to set Ava's new bed up, get the wall decorations and order the blinds.  A HUGE thank you to Mary for suggesting the paint color--we love it! I will post some pictures soon. 


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  • image JennigoesUSA:
    My husband is coming home today after being gone for a month

    That's awesome!!  Have a fun weekend.

  • image FieryIrishAngel:

    Mere - simple pleasures are still happy ones ;)  Which two Sookie books are you going to read next?

    I think it's 6 & 7, I started one last night with a tiger/Quinn on the front.

  • image MereFM99:
    image FieryIrishAngel:

    Mere - simple pleasures are still happy ones ;)  Which two Sookie books are you going to read next?

    I think it's 6 & 7, I started one last night with a tiger/Quinn on the front.

    Oh, I love Quinn!  Enjoy!

  • This might seem sad, but it's the trip to Whole Foods I just got back from.  They now have shopping carts w/ little racecars on the front of them and DD was happy, occupied and safe throughout our shopping trip. I didn't know they had these carts until today and they are borderline life-changing for me, as I never liked to venture to WF w/ DD because it's a big store w/ little to entertain her with (vs. TJs which is a small store w/ the whole monkey/bear hunt going on.) Our WFs has some great weekly deals (like their gourmet burgers for $1 a piece today, 2 weeks ago they had super cheap blueberries I missed out on) and w/ these carts I will be able to take advantage more often. 

    Oh and my fridge is fixed- we went almost 2 weeks living out of a dorm sized fridge.  It kind of sucked.  

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  • I'd have to say my day off yesterday. I was at home and did absolutely nothing. It's been a crazy busy week.
  • I have been off since last Friday and I never want to go back.  I am having way too much fun with the hubs and DD.
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  • I have a sad but happy one: DH's grandma passed away on Sunday. She was in pain for awhile (she had a stroke over 4 years ago) and I know she is in a much better place, not in pain and now my MIL is no longer under a lot of stress.

    I just ate a sub from Subway which work paid for today. Yummy and free!



  • I've had a great week.  Claire gave me 8 hours of sleep one night, and I felt like a new woman!!!

    I've gotten lots done around the house...decluttering, getting A's old clothes ready for Tot Swap, finally getting birth announcements out, etc.

    We've been going on nightly walks, and A is no longer in the stroller, but walking with us.  That makes me sad and happy all at once.

    And I've been working out every night.  Not seeing results yet, but I sure do feel good!

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  • Catching up with old college friends for dinner in Ocean City during our vacation.  Haven't seen them since their wedding last June!
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  • The favorite part of my week had to be DH's car suddenly having the check engine light come on and his car is now not worth fixing because the transmission is shot.  So much for me getting a new car, sigh.
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  • Driving home from vacation and arriving back in Maryland! I miss home!
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  • I have several. I took Friday off to make this weekend a 4 day weekend. We drove down to NC to visit some close friends we haven't seen in months. Our puppy got to meet her "cousin" and they get along wonderfully. We've had a day or two to just relax and catch up with old friends. It's been wonderfully relaxing and fun...just what we needed!
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