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How do you break in sandals?

Okay, they are actually ballet flats. I live in a city so I walk everywhere. I bought some new ballet flats and I wore them once because I got a lot of blisters. I want to take them with me on vacation so I need some tips on how to break them in.


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Re: How do you break in sandals?

  • Wear 'em around the house a little every day.  I wish I had more sage advice, but that's all I got.

    Best of luck!


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  • No great advice from me.  I think I have weird feet b/c no shoes, except sneakers or flip flops, seem to ever fit right and give me blisters on my ankles.
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  • No real advice on how to break them in, but go get some blister block.  It may have a different name. It's sold in the drug stores and looks like a mini deodorant, usually you find it by all the other foot products.  Rub some on your feet wherever they will rub against your shoes and it will help you avoid blisters. I swear by it.
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  • I never heard about blister block. What ingredients is in it?
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  • I think it's something simple like cornstarch and water.  The one I have now doesn't say.  Also this one I bought is called friction block...same thing.
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  • I used a blister block stick from Band-aid. But I always see the Compeed brand version in the pharmacy here. So I looked it up and the website seems to show that they have it in Spain too. If you see the blister band-aids I would recommend those too. They have  little extra cushion and stay on better.
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  • You can get compeed band-aids specially for avoiding blisters/relieving blister pain.  That doesn't help with wearing them in, but I've usually found that if I have a problem with certain shoes it's not going to go away so I just wear them for short periods at a time and sometimes that helps me get used to them or wear them in, but usually those shoes are a no go for long periods of time even after being worn in.  

    Good luck! 

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  • Anti blister sticks do help, I've used versions by compeed and band aid and they both helped.

    What I've noticed though is that is there's any kind of seam/harder part at the back of the heel, my feet will blister no matter what - the stick just slows down the process.

    For breaking in shoes I've been told to put them in the freezer for a few hours before wearing them. I guess the moisture helps them shape to your feet faster than by just wearing them? Haven't tried it yet but apparently it works...

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