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Awww, this is so sweet.

When I got home there was a card in the mail.  From the vet's office.  A little condolence/sympathy card. 

And everyone in the office signed it and added little notes.  omg.  It made me cry all over again. 

Best vet ever.  Seriously. 


Re: Awww, this is so sweet.

  • That is very touching.
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  • That is really, really nice.
  • My vet did the same thing when my old cocker spaniel was PTS in 2009. I cried all over again.
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  • That's really great. It's the little things, ya know? :)
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    When I had to put my girl Gizmo to sleep last March, we had a vet come to the house.  We got the sweetest card from the vet and her assistants about a week later. 

    {{hugs}} LHC.  I'm so sorry about your loss. 

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  • That is really sweet.  Awww.  It's so nice to have a vet like that.   

  • That is so sweet, shows that they old vet up north did that when my cat had to be PTS, it was so touching because they were very involved in treating him when he was sick, but it did make me cry all over again.
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  • ohhhh, that is really nice!!!!
  • That's awesome. I love vet offices that do that.  My vet is also my aunt's vet, and they sent her a nice card and a single rose when she had to put her lab down due to cancer.
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  • That is really sweet.  
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  • The vet oncology center did this when we lost Pockets. One of them even made a donation in her name to veterinary cancer research, and sent a little magnet/medallion thing with her name on it.

    I bawled. It was so touching. 

    Our regular vet, where we actually took her to be put to sleep, sent a card signed by no one and even got her sex wrong (said something about how we gave him a nice life). 

    Not impressed. 

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Lucy.

    I remember a few years ago, when my cat died, my vet sent a handwritten note and I was very very touched by it. I feel like most vets are just really good people, you know? Maybe that's a silly stereotype, but it has been my experience.

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