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I didn't really use The Knot for wedding planning or anything, but am finding the Nest pretty fun so far. I'm thrilled to stumble on a forum just for international newlyweds!

I just wanted to take a moment and say "hi." We were just married a few weeks ago on June 4th. We actually met abroad when we were both in Egypt, lived there for a few years, and returned to the US for about a year now.

We're going to be moving again between Mid-August (DH) and Mid-September (myself and furbaby) for a university teaching position in Kabul, Afghanistan. Sounds like a fun first year of marriage, eh? Haha.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to joining this community and sharing advice from other expats. 

 Best wishes! 

Re: Introduction

  • Hello and welcome!  I'm an American, married to a Greek and we live in the UK with our soon to be 2 kids.

    Wow, Afghanistan.  You're a heck of a lot braver than me! Haha.  Are you excited for the move?  Scared? 

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  • Welcome! Wow, moving to Kabul sounds nuts. How long will you be there? 
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  • imagesutikama:

    We're going to be moving again between Mid-August (DH) and Mid-September (myself and furbaby) for a university teaching position in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

    Woah!  You have WAY more guts then me.  I have stuck to English speaking countries thus far.  


    I was married to my English H on May 28th in Philadelphia!  We live in London.   

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  • neepsneeps member
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    You're either certifiable or packing some steel plated cojones. Either way you'll fit right in here Stick out tongue Welcome to the board.
    I'm bi-coastal. I live on both sides of the Atlantic.</br>
  • Hi and welcome. Congratulations! 

    Wow, sounds like you're in for quite an experience for your first year of marriage!  Hope you stick around and look forward to hearing about your experiences in Kabul.  I'm a Canadian/American living in London with my American DH. 

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  • Hi and welcome!! Please stick around, we love having new INs join the board!!

    My DH and I are Americans living in Doha, Qatar, and my DH is also teaching at a university here. Similarly to you, we moved over here in our 1st year of marriage and it's been great!! Best of luck to you, and feel free to ask any questions! We're happy to help, and these ladieshave a lot of knowledge about being ex-pats!

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  • Hi and welcome!


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  • hello!  DH and I are Californians living in New Zealand with our 4 month old baby boy.  Welcome to the board!! :)
  • GilliCGilliC member
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    Oooh! I love when INs move to exciting places, so that I can live vicariously through them! I want to hear all about it!

    I live in Norway, which isn't so adventurous.
  • Hello and welcome! I am an American living in Sydney with my Aussie DH.

     What does your family think about you moving to Kabul? 

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  • Welcome!  Yeah, let's hear more about this decision to move to Kabul.  Definitely sounds like it'll be an interesting and adventurous first year of marriage!  :D

    I'm an American living in Spain with my Spanish DH btw.   

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  • Congratulations! You really are a newlywed Big Smile Where did you get married?

    I hope you and your DH have a smooth move to Kabul and your little furbaby too, haha love that! I can't imagine living in Kabul - I thought Belgium was completely different - I can only imagine what your culture shock will be like! I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

    My DH and I are contractors working in Belgium, about an hour South of Brussels. Married for 1 yr & 2 months - no furbabies, no kids yet. Just us - trying to do as much traveling as possible, enjoying each other, and nesting Wink

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  • Welcome and congratulations! I feel like we have more and more nesties moving to crazy locations.

    We're two Americans in London. 

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  • Yay - another person in Central Asia!! Welcome!!  FH and I are two Americans (he's Italian as well) living in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

    Kabul should be good - lots of expats, too.  I've heard the American embassy compound is huge and they run the Kabul Marathon there.  It's 27 times (or something like that) around the compound.   

    Not sure how many people you'll know there, but I have a British friend working for DFID there, let me know if you want her email address. 

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  • Welcome! DH and I are Americans living in Bahrain for a couple years after living in Italy for almost two years. We're overseas for his job (military) and it's been a great opportunity.

  • That sounds exciting!  I would be a bit nervous though I think, but only based on the stories that come from the media....

    My DH and I are Canadians living in Macau (by Hong Kong). 

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