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Good News Wednesday?

Yesterday was a terrible day [read: crying in Grand Central Station after a terrible interview followed by another terrible interview then throwing a fit and breaking a pair of sunglasses and almost putting a hole in my wall] so it needed something good to happen.

At dinner at my parents golf club I was invited to go out with some of the guys who work there (a golf pro and 2 restaurant managers).  I met up with them and they took me out for martinis.  I had an awesome time laughing and drinking with them--just what I needed!

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Laughing at the Men I Date
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Re: Good News Wednesday?

  • I totally forgot about Good News Wednesday. I have a cold and am sleepy and cranky. lol not really good news..hmmm.. I'll dig deeper...oh yea! I am so glad that the temperatures have lowered again!wahoo! Monday  and yesterday were nearly intolerable for me (not having AC) so today was amazing and there is no sign of raised temps for the next week (I hope)
  • My good news is that Leo has been SO easy going and happy today which makes my life easier.  

    Also, I think I may have convinced dh to finally get it on with me tonight lol, but we'll see... 

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  • After 12 hours of confusion and delayed flights, we got back from Greece in one piece!  Quint was an absolute angel yesterday when he could have been a huge nightmare.  There was a family traveling on the same route as us and both their kids had meltdowns from when we left our hotel at 8AM until we got to Schiphol at 8PM.
  • We might have found a buyer for our house! Nothing's for sure yet, but we just put it up for sale a few weeks ago so I'm quite excited to get an offer so fast.
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  • I'm heading on vacation for a week on Saturday to Croatia, and I can't wait to get away and relax.

    I'm so excited to see my favourite band play here at the Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square on Friday. Definitely a good way to kick of my holiday!

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  • We received a large grant for our Mount Kilimanjaro climb at my job and have reached $300K!  Nowhere near our goal, but we can save 30 children's lives with that amount and we still have 2 months left!  Feels good to think of it in those terms rather than the end goal amount.

    Two of my BFFs are having their babies this week!  I am so excited for them.  One is my friend who almost had her twins at 24 and 31 weeks.  She's been in the hospital for 12 weeks now and will have her babies very very soon!  I'm so proud of her.

    Our sweet little guy
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    My Israel Blog!
  • We just signed up this week for an amazing trip with our scuba club to THAILAND!

    The trip is not until Jan 2012, so we have a long countdown ahead of us. It's really fun to travel with the scuba club and most of the people we've travelled with before, so we're looking forward to it. 6 days on a junk boat diving like crazy, and then a long weekend in Bangkok seeing all the beauty we can take in! I am so excited!



    IN's October Siggy Challenge: Halloween Costumes


    Holiday Vacation
  • I passed my Life in the UK test today.
    Pre English Reception Pictures at H's High School
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  • Only 3 more days and DH will be back home in Doha!!! (He's been gone since the 16th) :-(



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    My Doha Adventures
  • My DH arrived back in France yesterday after being apart for 4 weeks :)!


  • Everyone told me there was no chance I could keep my current job at my current school for next year (they're assigned by seniority). Today I found out that I DO get to keep my same job :)
  • I have a few, sorry. I'm really in love with Bikram Yoga, I can't wait to go again.

    H and I are going out for dim sum tonight and tomorrow is Mumford & Sons and the Arcade Fire in Hyde Park. There is so much music in my life right now I'm loving it.

    We booked flights today to go to California for two weeks in Aug! It's a much overdue holiday for H, whenever he's traveling to the US it's for work and he doesn't get any down time.

    I'm going camping with some girls this weekend and I'm getting smores stuff, it's been way too long since I've had one.

  • Sorry about the interviews, but a day that ends w/ laughs and cocktails, can't be all bad!

    My good news?  Tomorrow's vacation!  If I ever get myself organized!

  • My good news is that there are only 2 days left in the term, then we are on holidays for 2 weeks.  It has been an extremely stressful term so I am really looking forward to a much needed break. 
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  • Love all this great news!

    Today is our last day in Vancouver, tomorrow we go to L.A. for a week! I've never been and I'm really looking forward to discovering a new city!  

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