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can you sense if things are really lost or not?

i feel like i know when i've really lost something and when it's just misplaced... even if it's missing for days or weeks or months.

i've lost 2 things in the past month:

1. an entire bag of dirty gym clothes which also had my HR monitor in it

2. my sunglasses

i've looked EVERYWHERE for both of these things. the sunglasses were missing for about a week and i just found them this morning. the bag of clothes still doesn't feel totally lost to me. i still feel like it will turn up.

i could just be overly hopeful and crazy though! : )

can you sense if things are really lost or not?

Re: can you sense if things are really lost or not?

  • No, but I try not to worry to hard about it anymore.

    I used to be the girl that would lose sleep if I lost a PEN.

    So I try not to be THAT obsessive anymore.  And I've found that I usually find things in the order that I lost them.  Its weird, but I usually find it eventually.  If not, I try not to worry about it, because it wasn't meant to be then...

  • Kind of.  I think it's because my subconscious remembers where I left them, even if I don't.  

    But I'm still holding out for things that I lost years ago and I've moved like 3 times since then.  So maybe my sense is off.   

    We're kind of going out.
  • We've moved 8 times since 2004. I've lost a ton of stuff. I don't worry too much about things anymore.

    But since we've moved into our house - I know that certain items are SOMEWHERE in our house. I just don't know where. I've gotten better about organizing the office since we'll be here for awhile... but I still lose things! I found scissors in the freezer downstairs two weeks ago. Still not sure how those got there... LOL!

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  • Ditto Melinda- I think it's that my subconscious knows where it is.  Oh well.

     Also ditto Patty- we moved this past weekend, so I really have no idea where anything it is.  My mom is staying for the week with my brothers (they have a baseball camp in the Cities.)  The boys are busy all day, so my mom is bored... and she decided to help unpack my kitchen.  I can't find ANYTHING.  I'm hoping I'll figure out where all of my stuff is before the holidays ;)

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