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been to Tut exhibit?

DH and I are going to see the Tut exhibit at the Science Museum and I'm curious if other folks have been yet?  Was it worth it to use the audio tour from the museum or can you get the same info from reading the plaques?  How long did it take you to do the whole exhibit?  DH and I want to do dinner after.  TIA!

Re: been to Tut exhibit?

  • I haven't been there yet, but I'm thinking about taking my 8 year old niece there this summer still.  Can I piggyback a second question for those who have gone and ask if they think a science-minded eight year old girl would enjoy it as well?

    I'm really excited to go.  I'm jealous witty!

  • We went.  I liked it a lot!  They did a good job of having the information signage for each piece in multiple places/levels.  ex:  statue in a glass box had the same information signage on all 4 sides on a lower level and up at the top of the box (or something similar).  Then if there were people crowded on all 4 sides, everyone could read and still see without having to cram to the one side.

    DEFINITELY get the audio tour.  There is a lot of extra info there that you can't read on the plaques and stuff.

    We went on a Saturday night in Feb (I think, it was winter for sure, very soon after it opened) and it took us about 2 hours to go through it all - but we listened to every audio tour and read everything.

    An 8 year old that is into this stuff would enjoy it.  Lots of stuff to look at and especially for a girl - there was a lot of information related to the role of women in the monarchy that I found interesting.

  • We went in May. For us, it was a waste of time and money. We had been at the MA earlier in the day so the artifacts in the Tut exhibit didn't seem like anything special. 

    I didn't learn anything new, except that the body was a replica. I didn't realize going in to the exhibit that the body was a replica (which makes sense) but everyone was crowding around it and fawning over it as if it was something amazing. I think the *real* mummy would have been much more amazing.

    Both DH and I were very bored with the exhibit but we didn't do the audio tour. However, I would have loved it as an 8 year old who didn't watch a lot of History or Nat Geo channels. 

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  • Ok  - so we went last night.  Can't say enough about going during the week.  We were among probably 15 people there so we could leisurely walk through the exhibit.  For being a "Tut" exhibit, I was surprised about how little there was of Tut stuff.  Tut was mentioned in the placards, but the artifacts were 95% from other tombs which I was bummed about.   (but understand it too!  Tut and most of his tomb's artifacts are going to remain in Egypt which I can respect)  It was interesting, I learned a bunch which for a former Anthropology student is saying something, but I left wishing that there were was more to it.  DH thought it was great.
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    Can I piggyback a second question for those who have gone and ask if they think a science-minded eight year old girl would enjoy it as well?

    We took my two nephews (13 and 10 years old) back in March. They were not very interested in it. It's more museum than science, and it's a lot of reading. They were bored with it and by the time we got to the replica king tut, they were done and didn't care anymore. But if she likes to read about artifacts, she'll love it. Maybe see the Omni theatre movie before you walk through the exhibit? We saw it after, so that might have made the whole thing more interesting.

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