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Girl and the Goat

DH and I have a reservation here in 2 weeks. We are very excited and looking forward to it. Any recommendations on dishes to try? Also for two people how much can we expect to spend there? If it helps, I drink, DH does not so he will probably not be getting any alcohol.
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Re: Girl and the Goat

  • Hi, I've never been there, but a regular on MM has and she has a great blog post on it.

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  • We're going on Sunday! I'll let you know after. So excited!
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  • I'm excited to hear what you think Marcy.  We have reservations for the end of July and I'm already excited about it!
  • I've been twice and haven't had a bad dish yet!  I can easily say it's one of the best restaurants in Chicago.

    The menu is made up of small plates and sharing is encouraged.  Each time I've been (both times with just one other person), we've spent around $120 total.  We ordered 2 items from each of the menu's subcategories (meat, fish, veggies), bread, a shared dessert and a cocktail/glass of wine for each person.

    If they're on the menu (she changes it seasonally, I believe), don't miss the chickpea fritters, and don't be scared to order the pig face.  It's quite delicious.

    Here is a write up from my first trip there, from my old, abandoned blog. 

  • So we went last night and it was definitely one of the top 10 meals of my life! Truly amazing! There were four of us. We ordered 10 dishes total (8 small plates and 2 desserts) and it was the perfect amount of food. That, with 2 bottles of wine came to about $270, so about $75 per person, not bad at all for one of the best meals I've ever had. Here's what we had.

    1. Scallops
    2. Halibut
    3. Goat Empanadas
    4. Roasted Cauliflower
    5. Pig Face with Egg
    6. Fried King Crab
    7. Chickpea Fritters
    8. Ribs
    9. Pork Fat Doughnuts
    10. Chocolate Cake with Shitake Gelato.

    The stars were the goat empanadas, the cauliflower, the pig face and the ribs. Unbelievable! We almost didn't order the pig face because, well, it's pig face. But really it's more like a sausage and then comes with an egg on top. It's their specialty and it was fantastic - I don't think anyone should go without getting this. The goat empanadas were amazing as well. And the cauliflower was like no other preparation of cauliflower I've ever tasted.

    Overall, I'd say trust your instincts, but also go out on a limb. I was concerned about ordering chocolate cake with shitake mushroom gelato. But the gelato was the best part - the shitake was so subtle, it made it interesting! It also helped us to look around and see what other people were eating. We talked to people on either side of us who had just finished and got some recommendations.

    With four people, you got one big bite for each person from every dish. They're definitely small plates. But for us, that was perfect. With two people, you'd definitely get a chance to taste more of each dish, which I look forward to on our next visit. We already made our next reservation (uhhh, September!) and I'll look forward to trying more of the bread-ish stuff. My SIL was with us last night and she has a gluten intolerance, so we didn't get to try the breads, etc.

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