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RE: Staph Infection

So about a week and a half ago (?) you all helped me through a difficult time.

Just a follow up, my daughter is doing MUCH better. I finally got through to the doctors and they realized she needed more help then what they were doing.

I spoke to a specialist and they gave me more information. They also put her on a very strong oral antibiotic and withing 48 hours you could see a difference. Now the staph is mostly gone, although she will have an unfortunate scar. I also will have to watch and make sure it does not come back.

I thank you all for your advice and helping me through it, lord knows I was, and still am, scared because of how bad this infection can get.

Thanks Again!

Re: RE: Staph Infection

  • That is great news!!
  • Oh my goodness!  I am so sorry to hear about this.  My husband actually got it twice this past year.  He had it last November and had surgery for it and then got it again in January.  I am glad to hear that you got through to the DRs.  It is definitely not something to mess around with.

     Good Luck and definitely keep an eye out.  Everything I have read said that is is possible for it to come back again.  The earlier you catch it the better off you are. 

  • So glad it's getting better!

    Don't stress too much about the scar--she's little enough that much of it may be hidden/heal as she gets older and grows.

  • I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better!!!  I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal, but it's great that you seem to be coming out of it now. 

     Good for you for sticking to your guns and making the doctors listen.

  • I'm very glad to see things are going better for you and your daughter. Smile
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