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Keeping baseboards clean?

One of the things we loved about our house when we bought it was all of the crown moulding and baseboards and other woodwork. It's painted white and it's the bane of my existence. I can't keep it clean! It looks so pretty when it's freshly painted, but it is just a collector of dog hair and dust. I try to vacuum as often as possible and dust it...but it just gets dirty over time. Any suggestions for keeping it clean that don't involve painting it annually?


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Re: Keeping baseboards clean?

  • I used to have a house with white baseboards.  I had to dust often and then I'd take the white miracle sponge thing ( i cannot remember the name of it for hte life of me) to them about once a quarter.  Eventually, they'd still get dingy, but that process helped.
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  • I have white baseboard radiators and they are a b!tch to clean!  Also have 2 dogs. The Magic Eraser does a great job of getting the grunge off of them.  Also just a rag w/ warm soapy water can be good too. 
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  •  I dust my house, sweep floors, vaccume carpets weekly. Then once a month after i do these, i take a dusting rag and use the dusting pray on it. Wipe them down. I have noticed that the Swiffer dusting spray keeps everything cleaner longer. But i just started using pledge anywhere spray and its my new favorite. As far as getting scuff marks off them, id say hit them with the magic eraser as needed. We live on a farm and its a constant dust bowl here, and mine are hardly ever in need of painting. We dont have inside dogs tho.
  • I use the brush attachment on my vacuum cleaner once a week or so. Once every few months I'll make a bucket of Murphy's Oil Soap and water and give all of the woodwork a good washing. We live in a 90+ y/o house and have a LOT of woodwork.
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  • I use a damp magic eraser on them & it makes them look like new!
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