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Recommend your steam cleaner!

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Pet we bought just over a year ago is making me want to pull my hair out. It keeps getting clogged, even while I'm using it.

I have two choices: pay another $50 or so to have it cleaned...again...and keep doing that.


Buy a new one. Not a Bissell, according to the vacuum/steam vac repair people. They hate them lol.

What do you have? Pros/cons? Cost?

If it makes any difference, I do have pets and in Oklahoma, we have red clay for dirt and of course this house has beige carpet right by the back door. Of course. So, we do use it pretty often. 


Re: Recommend your steam cleaner!

  • DH and I bought a Hoover Steam Vac (this one) after borrowing his Grandpa's Hoover (this one). Both are a-may-zing and really highly rated on Our light carpets look brand new, better than when we bought the house.
  • I have a Hoover Steam Vac, and I love it.

    However, I can't say I've never had a problem with it. Right out of the box, it would spray, but wouldn't suck the water back up. I called the customer service phone number, and they suggested a few things. It didn't work, so I went back to the store and exchanged it.

    The second one was perfect. However, from time to time it will make a weird noise. I just shut it off, check the bins, and turn it back on. Usually, when it makes the noise, it's because the dirty tank needs to be emptied, or the clean tank needs to be refilled.

    However, the machine is wonderful on our carpet, and it is very convenient to keep around.

  • PS, it is wonderful on mud and pet dander. The previous owners of our home had two, very shaggy dogs. We vacuumed up the hair, and then steam cleaned the carpets. DH is allergic to dogs, but once the carpets were cleaned, he hasn't had a problem since.

    Furthermore, we track in mud from time to time. Our dirt is a clay soil too. It gets every trace of it up. We have beige carpet, but I think ours hides dirt pretty well. If we can see dirt, that means there is a lot of it there.

  • Thanks! We ended up getting the Hoover MaxExtract, mostly for the cool features and the 6-year manufacturers warranty. H is in the living room now having a blast. We also bought a blacklight (yikes) to help us find any other offending spots, but it's too bright out right now to use it.

    The Sears guy was like, yeah, Bissels get the worst reviews. Dang, we should have known better. We got a year out of the old one, at least, and learned our lesson. 

  • Oooh... the black light made me hate our carpet.  It's clean, doesn't smell or anything, looks just great - but between the two dogs who lived in our house before we bought, our cat and dog, and the dogs we host for play dates/visits, pretty much our whole house glows nasty under a black light.  There isn't a whole lot you can do to really get rid of all those spots... from what I understand, a lot of what glows is damage to the carpet fibers. Anyway, if you discover something that works, let me know! (And enjoy the new Hoover!!)
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