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Update on my friend

Thanks to all of you ladies for the T&P. My friend made it through his first post-accident surgery with flying colors. He has a broken back and several other broken bones, but the doctors think he'll be pretty much the way he was after a few months of surgeries, casts and physical therapy. He still has a lot to deal with, including emotionally, but everyone thinks it's pretty amazing that he made it out of there okay. A few inches in the other direction and that wouldn't have been the case.

Re: Update on my friend

  • Great news!
    I like pineapples...they make life just so much more interesting.
  • Wishing him a speedy recovery!
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  • that's good news! I hope he has a speedy recovery. Did they tell him about the other driver yet?
  • Glad to hear he is stable and recovering! 

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    2012 Reading Challenge
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  • Glad to hear he's on his way to a full recovery!
  • That's great news!
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    After 3 years living abroad, we are back in NOVA.
  • Thats great news.  I hope everything continues to go well for your friend.  
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  • I missed your original post and just caught up. I so glad the surgery went well and I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers for your friend.
  • imagemyblueangel19:
    that's good news! I hope he has a speedy recovery. Did they tell him about the other driver yet?

    Yes, he knows about the other driver. The police have officially assigned fault to that other driver, which helps, but of course, there will still be hard times ahead for my friend. He's still fairly heavily medicated at the moment, so not fully processing it yet, but he's got a wonderful family--one of the best, I think--surrounding him and all these Nestie T&Ps too. 

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