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More clothes for flight

So now that we?ve established how mom should dress for the flight, how should the Baby (seven months) be dressed. I generally don?t have her in a lot of clothing. In fact most moms frown at me because I?m *that* mom who does have a onesie on under her clothes unless it?s really cold, and then I usually skip the jacket. She seems to do just fine, and I?ve never gotten the feeling that she was too cold, but I have seen her overheat when I did have her in a onesie or sleep sack at night.
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Re: More clothes for flight

  • Ah, I've been obsessing about this as well!

    We're thinking PJs (the all-in-one footed sleepers?). (So I need to buy more - I won't have enough for her to wear all day and night witout changes and still have some for when we arrive.) I was going to have her in trousers and a onesie and jumper, but H is obsessed that her feet be covered, and I hate keeping socks on. So onesie, sleeper, and cardigan (if nec).

    If you're worried she'll be hot, you could try (footed) trousers and a onesie, and have a cardi for over if you thhink she needs it? I think I'd def go with a onesie and some combination as flights can be drafty...

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • We'll be doing leggings, a dress, and socks for C on our flight home in August.

    She naps each day comfortably in cotton dresses, leggings, and either socks or bare feet.

    The weather changes like crazy in NL so we usually do layers and she always has to have tights or leggings on because of her hip brace. Dresses on the easiest thing to do because they're wide enough to go over her brace comfortably.

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  • We kept D in footed pajamas on our trip back from MI when he was 7 months. He did end up a bit cold in the airport, but it was also November. We changed him into fleece footed pajamas, and he was comfortable on the plane. If I had to do it again any time soon, I'd take a few pairs of footed pajamas and a blanket. I'd just cover him if he started getting cold on the plane, and make sure the air vents are closed. We didn't notice they were open until halfway through our flight from Schipol, and he was freezing.
  • When we traveled with Leo around 6 months, we had him in cotton footed jammies.  They were just the easiest and most comfortable for him.  Plus, we figured he'd sleep most of the way.  Although, make sure to take extra clothes and a big ziplog bag lol.  Leo totally had a huge blowout on the plane and thank God I had the extras.
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  • I'm *that* mom who got evil looks in the street when my 10-month old (at the time) pulled off his socks & shoes, pulled his legs out of the stroller muff and waved his bare feet around in near-freezing weather!   Um, yeah people, I did try putting everything back on, about 7 times in the last 15 minutes!  He must just be hot!

    At that age we used to dress T in a cotton, long sleeve footed sleeper.  I'd pack a onesie and/or a cardigan, and a blanket.  This way bases were covered if the plane was on the cooler side.  Of course, we packed a few extra sleepers in case of spit up/puke/diaper blowouts!  

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  • Same as most people, I travel with V in a footed sleeper, with like 3 extra in my bag, a hoodie on since it can be cold in the plane sometimes, and a tshirt onesie in case she gets hot.
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