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clothes for flight question

I'm stumped. Partly by my small post-baby-refuse-to-buy-any-size-18 wardrobe, but also because I've not been in the US in summer in years.

What should I wear on the flight?

I have mostly t-shirts, some I know will be too hot, some that are old and worn, and a few newish tops, but that I'm not sure I'd want to wear for a 24 hour travel day.

I hav eno idea what to wear on the bottom. Will jeans be too hot (esp my ones from the winter) to bother with in the US? I assume I'll live in shorts while I'm there. (I don't have any cropped trousers, but could buy some if that was a good idea?)

I need help ladies! I feel frumpy and mumsie and totally stuck.

Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)

Re: clothes for flight question

  • During any flights I wear pants and layers on top. Yes when you get to your destination you'll be hot but while you're on the plane you'll be comfortable, I always get cold during flights.

    Normally I wear jeans, slip on shoes (for security in the states), a "nicer" top and a hoodie or fleece. 

    Remember it's not a fashion show. 


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  • I know. I just hate taking clothes I won't wear while there. And I hate how I look in most clothes at the moment. And I need easy-access/discreet nursing-in-public tops (which I sort of have, but look awful on me, or dont' work so well in 90F).


    Can I just have a new body, asap?

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • Personally, I live for skirts and dresses in the summer.  My biggest regret is that it's normally too cold/short-lived for me to wear many of them in the summer here. 

    As for what I wear on flights, I have a pair of very soft and comfortable khakis (wide leg) that I pair with whatever season I need while on the flight.  I'm generally cold also, so I do go for a tank top or short sleeve shirt with a cardi.  Cotton cotton cotton all the way.  You'll feel so much better.  Personally, I can't imagine wearing jeans.  Super uncomfortable-- too restricting.  The khaki's I have are summer weight, so if it's winter I'm a tad on the cold side when I get to the US, but summer they work perfectly.  I just take off the sweater and voila! :)  

    ETA: No matter what you wear on the plane, by time you get there you're going to feel scruffy and gross so you may as well go with what is comfortable, yet not gym-like.

  • I, personally, love jeans.  I never know what people mean when they say they are uncomfortable.   My standard travel outfit for long haul flights is a nice jeans, a tank-top or short sleeve shirt and a blazer.  And I always bring a scarf (the kind you can get in London for 3GBP) which is great if I'm cold around my neck, added to the blankets or to be used as a pillow!

    Wear what makes you comfortable!   

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  • I prefer to wear jeans on flights. They hold up better and keep me warmer. Don't worry about an outfit you won't wear in the US. You'll wear it on the flight back.

    Just buy new clothes in the US. Take what stuff you do have that will work and buy the rest. You'll have climate-appropriate clothes and will feel better about yourself. As well as more comfortable.

    I totally get the fumpy feeling. Was one of those who could NOT lose weight while nursing. Like physically couldn't because my supply was constantly up and down, I got lightheaded whenever baby nursed, and felt sick if I started losing even half a pound. Sucked. If I'm like that next baby I'll just buy the bigger clothes I need and either save them (if we think there will be a third baby) or send them to a friend who is a teacher and hardly has money for new clothes.

  • Agreed with the dress warm for the flights. It's always chilly. A cardigan and shawl as layers is a good idea.

    I wear jeans, but usually bring a pair of yoga pants or something to change into on the flight. Much more comfortable for sleeping and curling up on seats. 

    I also always bring an extra pair of underwear. It's such a refreshing feeling after you've been traveling for 24 hours. Trust me.

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • I always wear black yoga pants, a t-shirt and a black running jacket on top.

    Getting crapped spilled on me is definitely going to happen so I want something that dries fast and doesn't stain :) 

  • I pretty much always wear yoga pants with a tshirt and tank under it and then have some sort of top like a wrap or sweatshirt or cardigan depending on what season it is. In summer it tends to just be a light 3/4 sleeve long sweater (the kind you wear in spring over a tank or something or at night if it gets chilly). nothing fancy.

    you can always throw a spare change of clothing into the outer pocket of a suitcase to change before you get in the car once you arrive in the US. It is HOT here in New England right now, so I'm assuming most of the country is warm as we're usually the last to get really hot. 

  • Yoga pants sound great, you can always change into jeans at the airport. A nice but comfy top and a summer cardigan would be perfect, they look smart and you can wear them with yoga pants or jeans.

    Pack a pair of socks for the flight, there's nothing worse than having cold feet for 10 hours. Pashminas are great because they can be rolled up so they take very little room, you can wrap them around you as an extra blanket if you are cold and they make your outfit look smarter when you land.

     How well do you cope with long flights? If you usually sleep well and are not too bothered by the cramped space then wear jeans. If you (like me) keep tossing and turning then make sure you wear extremely comfortable clothes, you can always change. Yoga pants can also double up as your comfy housepants while you are there.

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  • For us flights are about 13 hours home, so I always go with comfort over style!

    I've done both yoga pants and loose fitting cargo jeans for our long flights home. I am always comfortable regardless, and it's nice to have pants on because I always get cold!

    I always bring socks (usually compression socks to help with swelling) and a pashmina, and like the other ladies mentioned - layer! I usually wear a tank, short sleeve shirt, and bring some sort of jacket/hoodie. And ditto who ever said you'll wear the outfit home on the plane again, even if you don't wear it while in the US! 

    Hope you find something comfy to wear for the flight! 



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  • For long haul flights I am always the person in comfy tracksuit trousers/yoga pants, T-shirt and Hoodie. I also always wear trainers and socks. I tend to bloat a lot (thanks, IBS) so I tend wear tracksuit trousers that are a size or 2 too big as my bloat usually makes me look like I am about 6 months pregnant and I want to be comfortable.
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  • In your position, I'd wear jeans and a nursing tank top with a cardigan on top.  That way you're sure to stay warm enough, but you will have easy access for nursing.  I weened DS almost 6 months ago and I still live in my nursing tank tops!
  • I wear leggings, cardigan and a dress (jersey) - keeps me warm and comfy...then if I land in a warmer locale, I take the leggings & cardi off and I have a dress on, so I look and feel nice.
  • I usually wear a comfy dress, tights, and boots OR black dress pants and a nice shirt. This way I'm both comfortable and looking nice.

     I always bring a change of clothes or two in my carry-on because I've had my luggage lost and/or delayed more than once.

    I also brush my teeth and hair while I'm on flight. Wash up in the bathroom and freshed up makeup....just so I don't feel SO disgusting because I also bloat quite a bit.


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