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date night at the laundrymat

Our sewer backed up Mon, had plumber in Wed to fix it. Brian did a load of laundry that night and discovered the issue wasn't solved. It backed right up. (BTW the dryer worked just fine for him. I never told him that I couldn't get it started.) 

Plumber came back today to clear out lines and determine it wasn't our issue. The City has been called in and they will have to tear up the road and put in a new line. In the meantime we haven't done laundry since Monday and we start Amelia's potty training tomorrow.  Surprise Better start scrounging up quarters for the laundrymat. Smile

 I was under the assumption that this is a city issue (i.e. not our money), but now Miss Dig is here marking up our lines in the front lawn, so now I'm concern that our lawn will be torn up. If they have to replace the line leading into the house, is that our responsbility?  Someone from the city is supposed to call me back but I haven't heard from them. Maybe I better give them a call.

Re: date night at the laundrymat

  • The city is responsible for everything up until your line from the house to there main line. If the plumber has been there and snaked it and now the city is coming in you should be fine. We had a similar issue and the city took care of it because it was on there end and they reimburse us for the plumber fee. 
  • i am doing laundry too :(
  • I have no idea whose responsibility it is, but wow that sounds like a pain!  Hope they get everything fixed up for you soon.
  • Houses are such a pain. Our air conditioner broke. The guy was supposed to come fix it, but they can't do it all the way if its too cold outside (which, of course, it was) so they were going to charge us ANOTHER service fee to come back. We had to reschedule for Wednesday. It's going to be 90 on Tuesday! ICK!

    Then, our garage door broke. Thankfully it was an easy fix and it's already done, but what a pain. 

    Hopefully the last thing is that the H discovered water leaking into our basement somewhere between the subfloor. The water was running down a pipe. So who knows what water damage there has been since it's coming in the subfloor somewhere. 

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  • They sent a crew on Saturday at 8 am and was done by 3 pm. It was only the main line, not ours.  yay!
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